Monday, January 25, 2010

The Darkness in the Light

Something a little darker as I prepare to get back into my zombie epic.

In the darkness it waited
Two bright eyes shadowed within a veil
A lone heart tucked away
Tonight was not the night to show the true self
 Not the night to show the depths of the withering souls lost
There were things more important than the spirits
In silence, it waited for the evening to come
The smoke clung to every particle of air
The stale atmosphere and dim light set the perfect mood
The eyes watched from the corner where no light could see
Where no vision would survive
The eyes were not worthy of the glow
Not worthy of the pure caress held in the hands
The dull sound of a footfall echoed through the bar
The eyes quivered with excitement
The pain may finally end
Through the haze, the eyes caught a glimpse of an angel
A dark and foreboding apparition of light
Petrified, it could not move from this shallow grove of darkness
It could not confirm the suspicion that the end was at hand
The eyes again scanned the alley
No souls, no spirits, no angels
Alone again, staring into oblivion
Nothing was visible; nothing was near
Only the faint glimmer of forbidden brightness lay on the horizon
An unholy resting place for the demons of the darkness
Alone no more
A soft thud echoed through the misty street
The two yellow eyes could not hide anymore
The time was near
The radiance watched with a cruel intensity
Perfect warmth for this placid night
An invisible grin drawing it closer
Comforting the shivering flesh
The dense smoke, the dying lights, the tears of anguish
One tortured soul indifferent about the future
Two eyes penetrating the passion
Awaiting its sentence
Again, the eyes grew wide
Drawing a deep breath to muster all the courage
All the vile obscurity that controlled its heart
A fitting end to a torturous existence
The flickering cone called
The flame igniting the scarred tissue
The eyes were not meant for this moment
Not prepared to face an evil eternity
Timid and scared beyond comprehension
The eyes closed as it crept forward
Blinding itself from the essence that lay ahead
Another being moved in tandem
Trudging closer to Dante’s forbidden realm
Its presence soothing the fears captured beneath the eyes
Slicing through the fog with a dagger of despair
Tearing at the blood that filled its void
Alive no more, the eyes could see the river of unshed tears
The darkness in the light
The end


  1. Exquisite! I look most forward to delving deeper into your written work and I await future posts with eager anticipation.
    Have a most hexcellent day!

  2. Thanks for the kind words and I am glad that youenjoyed it.