Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Edward Ballister Project

Roughly two years ago, I was honored to become part of a tremendous creative endeavor, The Edward Ballister Project. The idea was simple, bring different writers, with different styles and ideas together to create one nightmare. Finally, today, I got word of it finally going to print with Static Movement. What a day!

Do you really want to know who I am? I think deep down, you already know...


This project is to bring together a group of dedicated authors who are prepared to write a chapter each in order to create a phenomenal piece of dark fiction, resulting in a completed novel. Each author can take the story in any direction they wish, creating twists and turns to develop it into one of the the most exciting page turners in horror writing. Each author will have a different interpretation on the story, making this a unique experience for both writer and reader. Once the novel is complete it will be considered for publication. Each author will be recogized for his/her work, and get an equel share in any profits made. Jeff Ezell created this insightful idea and started the ball rolling with chapter one. Jessica Lynne Gardner developed it into chapter two and Charlotte Emma Gledson continued chapter three, so the rest is up to you!

The entire writing line-up!

Chapter One Jeff Ezell
Chapter Two Jessica Lynne Gardner
Chapter Three Charlotte Emma Gledson
Chapter Four S.D. Chamberlin
Chapter Five Brandon Layng
Chapter Six Dave Rex
Chapter Seven Garry Charles
Chapter Eight VictoriaSelene Skye~Deme
Chapter Nine Matthew Pierce
Chapter Ten W. Todd Banks
Chapter Eleven L.L. Nelson
Chapter Twelve Jennifer L. Miller
Chapter Thirteen Andrea Colleen
Chapter Fourteen Andrew Wolter
Chapter Fifteen Benjamin Bussey
Chapter Sixteen Mark Mihalko
Chapter Seventeen Mark E. Deloy
Chapter Eighteen Stephen W. Roberts
Chapter Nineteen Kristy Tallman
Chapter Twenty Chris Bartholomew
Chapter Twenty-One Michael A. Beaudry
Chapter Twenty-Two P.S. Gifford
Chapter Twenty-Three Kasey Curtis
Chapter Twenty-Four Cassandra Lee
Chapter Twenty-Five Jeff Ezell

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Lay Alone

Every night I struggle with reality
My fragile heart saddened by the void in our lives
My hopes
A faded memory lost at sea
My fears
A wall of tears around my heart
With you, I can live again

I lay alone
Waiting on your beauty to pierce the darkness
To fracture the boundary that keeps us apart
Beloved seraph
Sweep into my dreams
Comfort me with your soft whispers of love
Echoes of lust
Our destiny
Remind me of the meaning of perfection
The happiness felt in the morning interludes we share
The way you complete me

Every night I struggle with the loneliness
My mind wandering the pathways that will be
My hopes
A silken vision of our bodies as one
My fears
A torment of the world we now share
With you, I will live again

I lay alone
Waiting on your caress
Longing to feel your flesh upon mine
Precious angel
Fall into my arms
Tempt me with the splendor of your breast
The softness of your lips
The future
Lead me to tranquility where our souls combine
Our emptiness replaced by the shallow breath of desire
The way we act as one

Every night I struggle
My mind wanting to, at last, share the happiness
My hopes
Alive in your arms
My fears
A distant memory from a past I cannot remember
With you, I am alive again