Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Bridge

Mysterious lines cross the sky
Did you see them?
He was there upon the bridge
Staring into the chasm before the despair
Alive again
Shaking the mortal landscape
Their foundations cracked

Apparent only to the blind
Did you see him?
His return prophesized in scripture
At least forty years have past since the last encounter
The signs were all around
A moth flew across the clouds weakening the rafters
Blinding the populace with dissent

At last, his message revealed
Did you hear him?
Mass destruction followed
The past rises from the ashes
With the meek again standing guard
More disasters abound
Two more if the legends are true

Those eyes burn with laughter
Did you see them?
The grand wings unfurled
His presence feared
The moth again takes flight
The locations planned
Devastation near

Remember the point
His rise to immortality
Will this time end the same way?
Will the innocents' death be in vain?
They bled for him
Their souls sacrificed for the good
Look at the bridge again
Do you see him?

Thursday, January 6, 2011


• Published in the Ashen Eye:

What is happening out there?
These people…These depraved creatures
Plaguing us like the locusts in Babylon
My mind cannot, will not comprehend what I have witnessed tonight
This ordeal glistening like a surreal testament from Argento
This nightmare cannot be real
I shake, trembling from the fear
I must stay strong
The others are counting on my vigilance
For generations it has been passed to me to have faith
Faith in what I ask
Truths and lies, heaven and hell
Depends on your perspective, doesn't it?
I remember my grandmother enumerate scripture and verse
Words I saw promulgated by the corrupt and pretentious
In my mind, I can hear her now

It was allowed to fight against God's people and defeat them
And it was given authority over every tribe, nation, language and race (Rev 13:7)

Are we in the midst of the 42 months of deceit?
Or has god finally forsaken us at last?
In my mind, the answer is clear
He did fuck all with these sins of torment
I must survive to find the truths trapped in this desperate visage
What has caused the dead to rise against us?
To crave our flesh?
I will never give in to their torture
I will face my destiny with my shotgun in my hand
They will not have me
At last, the brightness of the new day severs the crack
Time to wake the others
Time to regroup
Our night in hell is over
For now, we are safe
We survive.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Chasm of Flame

Now that our beauty is relatively safe, I guess we should venture into the cathedral again. I think it is time for Saint Peter to stand before us and preach his gospel. Wow, Saint Peter, I wonder where that name came from for this? Maybe it is because of my love for the writings of the great prophets like Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce or Saint Malachi. Yeah, it must be Saint Malachi. In his teachings, Peter the Roman is supposed to rise to power and become the final pope, causing great turmoil across the land. Ironically, similar to the uprising spawned by this clergy member.

   The almighty spoke and the earth trembled, Thou shall drive the infidels into the Chasm of Flame. Their sins cleansed at the hand of the father. The Great Beast opened his mouth at the base of the mount, And laughed at their despair (Jehovah 7.28)

My children… My flock…
Behold the mighty beast
His teeth glistening in sunlight, waiting for our offering
The purification of the heretics is at hand
We must show them the light
The way of our father

There are three nonbelievers at the mouth
Look at their disregard for the Great Beast
Praise god for allowing us the ability to watch their refinement
To watch them repent at the hand of the father
Their salvation lies before them
Praise be, our congregation will grow

Soon, we shall discover more sinners awaiting baptism along our path
Their will broken by the deception of faith
We must rise up and show them the way to eternal glory
To the forgiveness of their original sin
To share the flesh and blood of our father
The host of redemption

Let us pray

Lord of Light
We saw three sinners cross our path in search of liberation
Their actions unkind, yet, they wait for deliverance from the grand plague
Give us the strength to lead them into the garden
The vigor to dine on the fruit
Absolving their damnation for eternity
They know not of your great and holy name
Nor the legend of your might
Pardon them from their abstinence and misdeeds
Give them the purity of your forgiveness
The salvation they seek
In your name we pray

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Passages of unknown meaning

The unknown regions of love
The helpless feelings of life
My desolate heart cries out
Passages of unknown meaning
I am helpless
I come
I run
I hide
Slowly time crawls
Alone in the abyss I wonder
Trapped in solitude
You fill my head with love
I reach for you
The pain of reality takes hold
Look Around
Feel the unsettling persona?
Fear surrounds me
Can you hear the clock?
I can
Tick-tock, tick-tock
The pulse of the unknown
What is out there?
Or is it in my head
The pain covers everything
You are gone
I am alone again
Who am I?
A bitter taste touches my lips
A hand takes my sight
I can’t move
Screams fill the air
Can you hear me?
The darkness is here
I am lost