Thursday, December 27, 2012

One Life

Darkness surrounds us
Opening the doorway to our desires
Transporting us to a place where we can be
Your touch a reality
Your lips my sanctuary
Our souls crying out for more
Holding you, I feel complete
One life under your spell
Leading me to unknown pleasures of happiness
Where your words softly echo my every thought
Where your eyes ignite my passion
Someday this darkness will fall
Our destiny on display for all to see
Yet, we will still be
Our love
The beauty
The pleasure
The sacredness I feel on your thighs
In your arms
In our hearts
A life full of happiness
Where our words can be spoken aloud, our passions real
Where we can be together
One heart
One soul
One life

Sunday, December 23, 2012


To me, you are more than beautiful
You are balance
The perfection of dreams
The prophet of thoughts
My muse in darkness
I often silently watch your every move
Contemplating thoughts of desire
Subtle hints of lust
The projections from deep within your bounds
Craving your touch
Plotting my next move
Our next encounter
Like the Marquis, I long to take pleasure in you
To pleasure you
Regardless of the forbidden pain it may inflict
The deeds I imagine
Only pale in comparison to your beauty
To life
An existence we already share
Felt in the bond deep inside our souls
Our hearts
Come to me Constance
Consummate our secrets
Prey on my hunger
Hold me close, I am waiting for you

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dark Scabbard of Hatred

As I sit here recording my thoughts
You have no idea, no inkling
That soon I will be your unforgiven
Not because of the truths you hide from
Or a deed so heinous
But, for the perception of betrayal you will imagine
Acuity lost in your reality
Not based in the facts we search

Little will you realize that I am indeed right
My motives just
Instead, you will forgo reason
The embers of your jealousy
Igniting the flames of hatred
So unjust
Yet, somehow expected
An undeserving finale

From the beginning
My heart and soul bled for you
Standing up for the cause out of trust
Desire for the equality you offered
Now, all trust lost
Desire now despair
My mind as dormant as your heart
My vision along another path

To you, the problem is invisible
Blinded by greed, makes it so
Insecure with everything, everyone
Scared, afraid to stand up to the smallest challenge
Or criticism for that matter
Do you live?
Or are you just a pawn?
From my perspective, neither!

To me, you were an equal
Now, nothing
A friend
Now enemy
For what I ask?
Was it worth it?
From my perspective, no
However, I do live in the present

In the delusion you call home
You survive in the eternity
You are the master, the god
The sun holding the gravitation pull of everything, everyone
Your dark scabbard of hatred punctured my soul
Destroying my vision
Silencing my voice
Ending my existence

Again I ask, for what?


Thursday, June 14, 2012


Through the dying moonlight he appears
Secret no more
Death shudders
The gates will open at six
A pilgrimage awaits acceptance
Their paths unknown, their crimes unforgiven
Except for her
The pale, naked beauty in front
Entrancing the mass
Angering the gods
Her crimes meaningless to the righteous
Their self deceit blinding them of the genius
Soon, redemption will show the way
The embers are lighted
Her stake stands erect
From the darkness, an angel appeared
Tormenting the siren with flames from the inferno
Repent and be saved
The gathering tightens the noose
Impales her upon the altar
Gazing across the horizon, she cries out
The flames caressing her subtle breast
Her soul alive again
At last, the baptism is complete
The contract etched in stone
Marking forever with her ashes
The congregation falls silent
The lord of darkness shares his embrace
Welcoming one and all into his kingdom
Their sacrifice was just
His cravings fulfilled

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Edward Ballister Project

After some time I finally picked up a copy of The Edward Ballister Project, a collaborative novel that I helped write a few years ago. While it had been some time since I visited the depths of this book, I was excited to finally discover the ending. As a collaborative project, I had only read up to my assigned chapter, and then left off at a point for the next writer to build upon. Let me say, this piece was darker than I imagined and I am honored to be a part of it. 

The Edward Ballister Project is now available at  Pick up a copy of this great novel today!

I wish that, as I was growing up, I had written down the memorable sweet evenings that passed in the night like a breeze through a downtown courtyard. But I did not. I wrote down nothing, only remembering the past through shoddy memories and the far-fetched recollections of others. As unimportant as that may seem to most, it is very important to me; I traded the sweet for the strange the day that I was introduced to Edward Ballister. -Excerpt of Chapter One by Jeff Ezell

Product Details

Paperback: 168 pages
Publisher: Static Movement (March 29, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1617061018
ISBN-13: 978-1617061011
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.4 inches

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Dark Highway

I remember leaving your house at dusk that fall night, with the eerie mist that surrounded us and the brisk winds that were howling through Appalachia etched into my mind. Our sins were weighing on my soul, these forbidden desires we harbor in this illicit secret union. I could still taste you on my lips, your soft pale flesh, so sweet, so luscious. My mind entranced by the I remember leaving your house at dusk that fall night, with the eerie mist that surrounded us and the brisk winds that were howling through Appalachia etched into my mind. Our sins were weighing on my soul, these forbidden desires we harbor in this illicit secret union. I could still taste you on my lips, your soft pale flesh, so sweet, so luscious. My mind entranced by the thoughts of your beauty, but my heart torn on the reality of the situation.

I started up the summit with the Beautiful South streaming out of my Ipod; the soundtrack of my life filling my mind with remorse and regret. Our unholy bond in the forefront, the thoughts of truth silenced. Our last ritual together changed everything. As soon as the blood flowed into the chalice, I knew we could rule the world. From the first slit of the wrist, to the depths of your inner thighs, we can indeed be one. Apart we are but pawns, but now, after what seems like all perpetuity, we exist together. I must break my silence and face my destiny. At that point, I knew something would have to change if I were to survive another extended period without you. Although your presence is a challenge to me, I am only happy and alive in your arms. A secret I hold deep within the bounds of my heart, one so painful that it could destroy me if I ever revealed the truth, to you or anyone.

At the peak, I could see the majestic inn shining through the darkness. The mist that followed me had finally turned to rain, falling down my windshield like the tears of pain running down your beautiful face when I left. The rain also made it impossible to see clearly. In my mind, I wanted to turn back. The pleasure of being in your arms again was tugging at my every thought; your flavor is more satisfying than my future at this moment.

That is when I saw the man in the light. He was wandering down the mountain, cloaked and alone. His flowing robe drenched by the now torrential downpour that was on top of us. What was so important for this man of the cloth, where was he going? There was no type church or seminary anywhere close in this direction. I could understand it if he were headed back to town, while not a religious Mecca, the town did have its share of churches, cathedrals and even a monastery. For the first time in a long while, everything was clear to me, he was a messenger from above. I would stop, repent. Lending a helping hand to this mysterious figure could do nothing but help me sort out the demons I keep inside.

As I pulled over, something was very wrong with this situation, this man. His face appeared empty inside the dark cloak; I could make out no details at all as I rolled my passenger window down. All at once, the horror of my reality would cry out as he disappeared before my eyes. What have I done, why am I seeing things like this? Shaken by the happenings of the last five minutes, I tried to focus and start my trip again. Unfortunately, I could not erase the emptiness in his face, in his hands.

That is when reality hit me with one swift crash. "No Stop Please, don't!" I cried out as the pale almost skeletal hand reached through my window grasping at my hair. In a flash, my life changed forever. All I remember hearing when my torso hit the steering wheel was "Your sins are forgiven my son," as his sharp blade severing my neck, piercing my soul and destroying my life.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Or Did They?

Not far from the grotto
There lies a tomb
Run down and dilapidated
It hides the secret well
Through the cobwebs and decay
This empty sepulcher cries out
Hoping for the master to return
It did not always lie this way
He was here
Or was he?

The name on the stone
The carvings on the wall
So ornate
Yet, unbecoming
His greatness masked by the mystery
His life marred by tragedy
I was a child of 13 when I discovered it
Much older when I deciphered it
Even older when I understood it
Or was I?

The heir, I was not
Just a bystander to the inept
Jealousy and rage filled the air
How could they ignore this grand monument?
Him, for that matter
Sure, this house lay dormant
Only a faint whisper of the wind
Not even the rat or the spider ventured near
Or did they?

My vigil, waiting for him was long
Days of staring turned to weeks
Weeks to months, months to years
This candle burned
The flame of my innocence turned to passion
Truths understood
The tears of my prayers turned to blood
Dreams fade
Someone was near at last
Or was he?

Out of the darkness it appeared
A shadow cast from splendor
Not a man at all
My quiescent endowment at the ready
Why had you come?
It was not you prophesized on the walls
I was sure no angel would dare tread or exist here
Especially one of your beauties
Or was I?

Reaching for the string of your corset
It was easy to fall
Entering your enticing void
Eternity was near
Out hearts in unison
Was this truly my destiny?
The hoofs of the stallions pierced the silence
Our ecstasy drowned
The first stake ran deep
Flames followed
These infidels destroyed my world
Or did they?

The tomb is no longer empty
It is mine at last
My followers saved me
Or did they?