Monday, May 31, 2010

A Sunday in May

Looking around, I can feel you near
Your silent touch stroking my heart
The soul that I long to share
For so long that splendor has been
Tempting fate with hints pleasure
With visions of beauty
With what can be
How sweet you will taste

In your arms, I feel complete
Your moist lips touching mine
Your soft hands so secure
The rhythm of your heart flowing through my veins
Echoing in my dreams
Controlling my every move
I have longed to feel you again
To dive inside heaven and become one
One life
One heartbeat
Our bodies exploring every inch
Every crevice
Our sweat drowning every fear
Your shallow breath so pure
So innocent
Your curves guiding me through your maze
Your ecstasy my pleasure
Your love, our happiness

Thursday, May 27, 2010

After the Static (A new piece from my Zombie Epic)

Tempting transgressions flow through my veins
Opening doorways into my depths
Allowing me to feel again
Every possibility I cross, a lifetime yet to explore
A truth left to discover
Words of pleasure spiral from my mind
My invisible desires in bloom
My thoughts alive with cravings of things unsaid
Of experiences undefined
The fabric of my dreams littered with the unknown
With anguish
With laughter
With you
A heart so pure
A love so complete
So tangible that I cry thinking of your first breath
The piercing pain of my loneliness runs deep
At times almost unbearable
Yet, everyday, my heart yearns for this journey to end
For our new life to begin
When the hell we are enduring will disappear
That is, if we can survive

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Our dreams are fleeting
Leading us through a maze of unknown and delight
Sometimes our only escape
What would we do without these mirrors?
Let our hearts and souls rot?

Without dreams, we have no hope
No goals to achieve
Trapped in the inferno
We would be an empty void
Blind to the subconscious world that creates us

For many they are active
Memories of the avenues
The parades
The loves
A humanity much greater than ours

I would hate living in a world without dreams
A fate worse than death
My mirror is focused
My dreams alive
What about yours?

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Mouth

I actually broke down and started working on my poetic Zombie Epic again, hopefully, in time I will get motivated and finish it.

The almighty spoke and the earth trembled
Thou shall drive the infidels into the Chasm of Flame
Their sins cleansed at the hand of the father
The Great Beast opened his mouth at the base of the mount
And laughed at their despair
(Jehovah 7.28)

My children… My flock…
Behold the mighty beast
His teeth glistening in sunlight, waiting for our offering
The purification of the heretics is at hand
We must show them the light
The way of our father

There are three nonbelievers at the mouth
Look at their disregard for the Great Beast
Praise god for allowing us the ability to watch their refinement
To watch them repent at the hand of the father
Their salvation lies before them
Praise be, our congregation will grow

Soon, we shall discover more sinners awaiting baptism along our path
Their will broken by the deception of faith
We must rise up and show them the way to eternal glory
To the forgiveness of their original sin
To share the flesh and blood of our father
The host of redemption

Let us pray

Lord of Light
We saw three sinners cross our path in search of liberation
Their actions unkind, yet, they wait for deliverance from the grand plague
Give us the strength to lead them into the garden
The vigor to dine on the fruit
Absolving their damnation for eternity
They know not of your great and holy name
Nor the legend of your might
Pardon them from their abstinence and misdeeds
Give them the purity of your forgiveness
The salvation they seek
In your name we pray