Friday, May 13, 2011

Triskaidekaphobia - An Ode to the Truths of Friday the 13th

Such a dark day in the world
Leaders defiled
The protectors destroyed in your name
Not by the masses that follow
But, from the hypocrisy of medieval royalty
For what - your secrets?
Jealousy? Fear?
Maybe it was just their shame from following the false prophet
The sinner who hid behind his disciples
And worse, women and children
Spouting lies of redemption
Preaching abstinence instead of indulgence
Creating turmoil in the perfect world

Through it all, you stood tall
These destroyers of forged faith were blind
Failing to harness the power of your minions
By creating a day of homage of their transgressions
They granted you eternal life
History crying tears of truths in your name
You will never be forgotten
You Baphomet, will live forever
Like the Templar’s, your followers will bleed for you
Carrying on the traditions past down by the strong
Your enigma, a mystery to most
A companion to some
A day of fear to the meek
That day is today, Friday the 13th

Monday, May 9, 2011


Today I stand
Peering into dominion
Searching for the pathway to your heart
For years, I have waited
Longing for your touch
Hoping to explore the illicit boundaries
When we last met
The embers of jealousy turned to flame
Partnerships to hatred
Our identity lost
Our existence no more

Life is so different now
I have changed
My path no longer harbors light
Only darkness
My heart remains empty though
Longing for another sign
A void only you could fill
My fantasy, an impossible dream?
After all, I am only a memory now
Your unforgiven