Sunday, October 26, 2014

Who Are You?

Now that I am totally rewriting my zombie epic, it seems as though I have a lot of extra poetic verse that will not be making it into the project. While in some ways this is a bit disappointing, it definitely gives me a lot of stuff that I can post on here. Please give this a look, any and all feedback will be appreciated.

Who are you, my vision of beauty?
You still seem so familiar to me
I feel as if I can sense your every move
Experience your every fear
I can see you standing there
Trembling at the horrid sight before you
Did one of my brothers do that?
Do I need to ask?

Alas, the bridge to the promised land
Our union… Our destiny… Our reality ahead
I saw this in one of your dreams dear
The yellow towers rising from the depths of the rapids
The dark mouth opening ahead of me
It is just as you described… It is perfect
Where are you taking me?
Why am I following you?

There it is again… My hunger
Others must be closing in
I must… I must feed…
I cannot control myself any longer
The pain is piercing my abdomen
Over there… I feel two of you in the corner
I must compose myself… Maybe I can blend in
But, the pain… The pain is killing me

It is weird how the infestation has taken control of my body
Yet, my mind remains sound
 For the most part, I can manage these insatiable cravings
Control them until the flesh calls to me
That aroma… That fragrance
The blood flowing like a bitter gravy over your loins
I cannot take it any longer
I must… I must feast

I am close now, but five feet them
I do not think they realize I am near
My sanity sets me apart from the monsters that are devouring the city
I reach out
The woman…Sheer terror as I grasp her tightly
Her shriek echoes through the empty streets
Her partner turns… Pulling the trigger of her cannon
Wait… No…

How can that be?
The bullet… It tore through me
I can feel the shards taking hold in my insides
But, I still stand here gorging myself on the remains of her friend
First the brains, now, the intestines
Divine… Absolutely divine
Her soft skin slides effortlessly down my throat
Her veins aged to perfection

Another bullet barely misses me
I turn to her friend; it is her turn to be my buffet
Unless she runs
Run damn it… I will not chase you
I am content finishing off this beauty
I still have a few bites left before she turns and joins the quest
Run…. Please run

I promise I will not follow… At least…. At least for now

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The boulevard at last

The boulevard at last, we have finally made it through the city; our salvation lies ahead. I think we are safe for the moment. At least, we are as safe as we can be in this plagued nightmare. We should stop and rest; there are no signs of those beasts anywhere and we will need all of our energy to make it out of the city. If my calculations are correct, we have about two miles until we hit the bridge and nine miles to our sanctuary.

We do not have long though. Our pheromones make us tempting entrées out here in the open. I still cannot believe how the immunization has mutated; it never should have caused this type of reaction. I swear we are living in some type of butterfly effect. Damn, I wish I had brought a gun. Yes, these vile beasts can be can be killed at close range with a targeted blow to the head, but I would still prefer to distance myself from them. Are you about ready to move again?

            Great, just in time. Look, over by the Console Energy Center, here they come. Damn, their senses are even better than I imagined. Amazing! It is incredible how the outbreak has spread so quickly through the population; there has to be 5000 or so packed into that small area (way too many for me to stand here and count, that’s for sure). Time to move on; we must hurry.

Quickly, down this alley. I remember this from when I was a freshman at Duquesne. Yes, this should aid our escape. God… Wrong turn! Damn it, those creatures are everywhere. How could they have surrounded us so quickly? It is almost as if they knew we were coming this way, like they knew our escape route. What to do, what to do?
I guess… Paul?

Paul… Stop… There are far too many for you to handle. We must take refuge.
Look, that building would be perfect; the foundation is built on the shoreline. Maybe there is a boat in that shed down there we could find something to aid in our escape.
Paul… Get back here! Mark, John, head inside… Paul…

Stop it Paul! Please! Please stop, I have enough blood on my hands from this experiment. I could not live with myself if I lost another. No! Over Here! No, leave him alone! It, It is me you want. Hey, over here! Damn you… Stop… Oh god, what have I done? Paul, not you, you bastards want me! I did this; I created you. I built the lab and designed the vaccination. Take me! Here I am; yes, leave him alone. I deserve to die. Please lord, have them take me and not Paul, he is innocent.

            That is the way, leave him… If only I had some type of weapon. Paul, run! Meet Mark and John in that building, I will be right behind you. Run, run as fast as you can; they are listening, coming for me. Yes, Paul, that door! You are almost there, 20-yards and you will be safe! Ten more steps Paul, that is all, just ten more. Thank god…

            No! Stop! No! Where did that abomination come from? You bastard! Get your mouth off him. Oh God, Paul, no. God, he is tearing into his neck, ripping at his flesh. Oh God, no, not Paul!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Complete Me (Poetry)

Complete Me

The wax has hardened
Your image so pure
May plan nearing the goal
Now, I need your essence
Be it hair, blood
A tear
Something to bring your likeness to life
To me
Long have I dreamt of holding you
Fantasies held impossible
Nightmares that challenged my resolve
Everyday I would stare through the grotto
Piercing silently into your world
Wishing it was I on your shoulder
Instead of that glistening feathered friend
I want to share your laughter
Feel your pain
Penetrate your warmth
The ecstasy
 The bliss
Yes, it is time to complete my plan
This string will do
The statue is ready
My ritual at hand
These candles burn to illuminate you
Scorching forbidden pleasures into my soul
Our journey finally in my sphere
Come to me
Complete me