Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Help Me... Help Me...

Another one of my projects from my class... This one was a bit of a challenge as well, as it had to fit into a small area on a postcard.


You will never believe what happened to me last night. Even now, my comprehension wavers. At first, my evening began as expected. I was cautiously transiting the hollow near the abandoned priory. The dreariness was oppressing, and yes before you ask, the mysterious history of the area populated my mind. I did not imagine this! I am not crazy! Believe me, when I tell you, I saw the dark shrouded figure along the side of the road, clambering on recess of the berm.

The sheets of rain and hail pierced my Falcon; I could only imagine how the howling winds were battering him. I had to stop; lend assistance. As I crept toward the solemnly cloaked figure, the repressing atmosphere grew heavy; the temperature plummeted. There was no face! There was only lifeless shell of a man. I looked into the abyss and saw Hell.  I looked into the abyss and saw myself. In a flash, he was gone! Stunned. Alone. Confused, I had to go, something was wrong.

That is when the swiftness of his blade crept toward my head. What the hell? This man of cloth tried to kill me, but his vane was painless when it broke through my neck. Was he there? Or, am I crazy? No, I know what I saw; I am not crazy!  Magdalene, you know me, I am not insane. Unique, maybe, but not insane. Shaken, overdrive kicked in and I made haste. I did not stop until I was secured inside my apartment. Petrified, frozen in this dank alcove, my will to live has vanished. I need you, I love you; please help me!       

- Martin

Reaper Laughs

This was a project from my latest class. I had to write a story using only nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives with sentences three words or less. Let me know what you think... 

Dark fissure. Menacing abyss.  Beasts lament.  Hungry. Starving. Stalking. Malachi shrieked! Spinal column shuttered. Colossal fiend approaches. Trepidation overwhelms. Emotion feeds terror. Death waits. Creature opens mouth. Malachi frozen. Cement boots grasp. Heart palpitations grow. Tears fall. Life flashes. Beauty appears. 

Bright gateway.  Clouds. Lightning. Thunder. Malachi stands tall. Fiend closes. Gateway nears. Ominous teeth salivate. Razors protrude. Mouth widens. Delectable banquet.  Human flesh shimmers. Brute thrusts. Malachi wavers. Darkness overtakes brightness. Scarlet befalls amber.  Amber befalls white. Agony engulfs reality. 

Malachi bawls. Acid boils dermis. Bones crunch. Gateway lost. Entry denied. Hope disappears. Gasps grow shallow.  Blood cascades. Giant insects feast.  Fissure creates grave. Malachi falls. Reaper laughs.