Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beloved Darkness

Beloved darkness
Open your arms and embrace my remains
This haunting maze erased reality
Destroyed my flesh
Stole my soul
I stumble as I wander through the night
Searching for that sparkle of an eye
That sanguine scent
The delights felt in the gentle caress of our bodies near
Or the satisfaction held in the pulsating veins
Entice me with the pleasures of flesh
With the sacred host of life
Forever illuminating the flame of hope
Beloved darkness
Open the satin depths I call home
The eternal warmth of love is leading me into temptation
The scarlet river that harbors forever awaits

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The man called to me
Thou shall not waver through my garden
Open the doorway before oblivion takes control
My heart froze
Depths of despair draw near
Absolution wasted on the decadent
My time is done

The woman called to me
Thou shall not waver through my forest
Enter the fountain before misery takes control
My soul mourns
Drowning in the tears of sorrow
Condolences shed for the meek
My life is lost

The child cried to me
Thou shall not waver from my side
Guide me through the darkness
My eyes widen
The brightness scorching my being
Deceit fuels the inferno
My meaning clear

My voice resounds through the canyon to the man
I will not waver through your land
My path is free
My heart is sound
Forgive my trespass into divinity
Echoes silenced by solitude
My time awaits

My voice reverberates through the horizon to the woman
I will not waver through your dominion
My vision focused
My soul alive
Forgive my transgressions into paradise
Your fruit was too enticing
My life will be

My voice whispered through the darkness to the child
I will not waver on our journey
My purpose apparent
My eyes awash
Forgive my doubts
Your life is key
The meaning is true

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Lone Tombstone

I entered the desolate cemetery searching for answers to the legends that have captivated generations. Your lone tombstone stands before me, Elisabeth, what is the secret you harbor alone in the heart of this sanctuary. Are you the one? The maiden we search for, the illustrious Green Lady. The legends vary, drowned in a swamp, taken by a scorned lover, Satan's seductress? I am here, alone, come to me.

For years, I have read of your presence, dreaming of the day when we could be near. So many unknowing bystanders have seen you walking, hitchhiking on the lone dirt road that borders this empty graveyard. You were there, traveling the downward spiral into the depths of stone, they were afraid of your importance, your beauty. Suddenly, a beautiful light shines clear. Is that you, have you come to me? Unveil your vortex and open my blindness. Let me share your story with the masses.

Strange, on the ground symbols are burnt into the earth surrounding you. Did they succeed in summoning you from your slumber? Conjuring your restless spirit? Those are the ones who do not deserve you, flirting with an unknown and invisible evil. Although, I must ask, if so, can I enter? I belong with you.

In the distance I barely make out the dark shadow, is that you dear? No, worse, it is legion. Out of nowhere cloaked figures rise from the ashes, surrounding me. They want my heart, my soul, my life! They will not succeed in their quest, I am strong. I turn to the lone marker and I see a most stunning sight. Your vortex is now visible, a vision of pure splendor. Your pale green aura so calling me. I run, diving into your sanctuary. For once, everything is clear. My life is full. Yet, my heart remains empty.

My reality is certain, I must succeed. I no longer fear death from the minions that possess this dismal resting place. Maybe it was fate; destiny or the brief time we spent together that cleared my mind. Can you feel my pain too? The dark ones still surround us dear. Why do you protect me? If I do survive, will I harbor your secrets, will we meet again? Soon, I see our enemies retreating into the depths of the adjoining swamp. My escape is possible. I see the truth, the tragedy. Thank you.

It was a rainy night in late 1768. You were there, alone on the porch. Where was he, your true love? Worried and tired, you ventured out, holding hope in your heart he was well. It was that old witch, she had him. Slowly you made your way through the wilderness to the entrance to her dreary cave. At last, her lair was upon you. You peered inside. That is when you saw the horror, that fateful embrace. Their bodies entwined in the passion reserved for you. A single tear fell as your heart shattered. Time stood still, but your future was clear. Satan laughed as he opened Deaths' door inside the lake especially for you.

The murky green depths have stained you through the years. Your clothes, your skin, but, not your heart. This is your curse for all eternity. Alone, you walk the road, searching for answers. Hoping to find that angel to break this spell. Could there be one in the old house, in the witches cave, anywhere? Let me hold you again. Maybe I am the one you search for. Silence is an answer.

I am leaving now returning to my world, my reality. I will miss you. I have to share your story, prove to the skeptics you do exist. Unfortunately, my life lies on a different path from yours. I have many lives to touch and children to mold. I do know that I will never forget you. Your lone tombstone, your vortex or your touch. Goodbye.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I’d almost forgotten, though I’d tried to remember
And I remembered that which I wish I’d forgotten
The dark one walks upon the shore
Truths whispered silently instead of the simple lie
Casual words that mean less than naught
The back of your hand would have pleased me
Yet, the dagger brought unmatched pleasure
The chains, the hooks, the blood
You cradled me and let my lips caress your palm
You failed to remind me of darkness held within my soul
With it left unsaid, I had allowed myself to believe in the light
I let myself fall sway to the forbidden pleasures of flesh
The neck, the thigh, the back
Red fingertips leading me astray
A maze of strife lining the inferno
Still, beauty lay upon the tip of your tongue
Spoiling my every thought with a wisdom held deep within your bounds
For a moment, I thought you cared
I thought, I could feel it with every beat of your heart
With every reflection of pain
Silence echoes in my heart
A deafening tribute to your genius
To the salvation, you harbor deep inside the tome
Contained by the tomb where you left me wanting more
Where you left me to die

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Emerging From The Gray

With my last blog being an update on my recent submissions, I have already received word on some of the submissions from the month. To date, The World of Myth and Worlds Within - Worlds Beyond have picked up material for publication.

When you couple those acceptances with the ones from Revenant Magazine and Whispering Spirits, 2010 is off to an awesome first quarter. Now, if I can finish my epic, I would be set...

The images remain so vivid
Nightmares of hope consumed by remorse
Amber eyes turning pale
The black emerging from the gray
A life shredded by the fabric that was
Listening for the sounds of forgiveness
In time, the remorse will turn to pain
Emotions overtaken in solitude
In loneliness
Clarity arrives untouched
A purity long forgotten by the masses
Consumed by the greed entombed by the seven
A knife slides across your throat
The sadness empties from your veins
You can live again
Your baptism is complete
Acceptance at last