Sunday, January 31, 2010

An older one - All Hope Lost (Part of the Zombie Terror)

Another body falls
This strange infection continues to grow
Surrounding our every move
Look, in the corner
Such a ghastly sight
Those red eyes filled with sorrow
That festering decay of the green death
His body ravaged
How can he exist?
Who would want to live that way?
Stealthily, I maintain my distance
I will not fall prey to this vile demon
The rot will not overtake me

Turning the corner I see even more victims
Carousing throughout the corridor
The infestation searching for hosts like zombies for brains
Only a few of us remain strong on this funeral barge
Defying the poisonous torture
How much longer can we survive on this floating prison?
Our friends destroyed
Our search for the cure must continue
Another man falls
No one is safe
Our lives ruined
All hope lost!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

And Then The Walls Came...

A little creative influx while listening to the new Reverend Hoton Heat CD, Laughin' & Cryin'. Now, if I just had some PBR...

And then the walls came

Vanquishing the perfection of the deeds
Suffocating the genius
No more whores falling prey to the sweet blade
At least not now
The prophesy foretold the demise
Carved sigils in the curves of the desired
The subjects of the masterpiece
Still, the weight of the stone torments the soul
Night after night, closing in on the emptiness
Six by six
Four by four
Two by two
Sunrise again
Alas, a last breath?
One last signature on the canvas
Good morning darling, have a good night?
What… No?
Sharpness slices the tension
Another body falls
Another wall crumbles
Eyes, breasts, tongues
The unborn
Limbs of lust lay scattered throughout the depths
Beneath the raging lair
Above Neptune’s inferno
Yet, something remains
Alive, so to gather fruit for the lion to dine
Silently creeping into the maestros arms
Tempting young and old alike with the allure of beauty
Embracing all who dare enter thy womb
Alone, a stigma
The wounds of the defiler on display like stigmata
Raising the hair of those that mirror righteousness
Tears of blood flow from the lost
Decades of decay line these walls
Deceiving the sunshine of splendor
Five by five
Three by three
One by one
The moon engulfs the sun
Another seeks refuge in the embrace
Craving the moistness of the precious loins
Calling for the tidal wave of emotion to appear
A subtle kiss
The endless horizon
Again Satan laughs
His appetite satisfied
And, yes, the walls came

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Down the Mountain (A short story)

I remember leaving your house at dusk that fall night with the eerie mist and the brisk winds howling through Appalachia etched into my mind. Our sins were weighing on my soul. These forbidden desires we harbor in this illicit union. I could still taste you on my lips, your soft pale flesh, so sweet, so luscious. My mind entranced by the thoughts of your beauty, but my heart torn on the reality of the situation. Our end was near.

I started up the summit with the Beautiful South streaming out of my Ipod; their music, creating the perfect soundtrack for my life, filling my mind with remorse and regret. Our unholy bond in the forefront, the thoughts of truth silenced. Our last ritual together changed everything. As soon as the blood flowed into the chalice, I knew we could rule the world. From the first slit of the wrist, to the depths of your inner thighs, we could indeed be one. Apart we are but pawns, but now, after what seems like all perpetuity, we exist together. I must break my silence and face my destiny. I must forever lay inside the taboo realm that I have created.

At that point, I knew something would have to change if I were to survive another extended period without you, without the dark sour veins lining your heart. Although your presence is a challenge to me, I am only alive in your arms. A secret I hold deep within the bounds of my heart, one so painful that it could destroy me if I ever realized the depths that your unholy presence would go to control me.

At the peak, I could see the majestic inn shining through the darkness. The mist that followed me had finally turned to rain, falling down my windshield like the tears of pain running down your beautiful face when I left. I can still see the scarlet stream glistening through the moonlight, mirroring Virginia’s suffering with Edgar so long ago. The rain also made it impossible to see clearly. In my mind, I wanted to turn back. The pleasure of being in your arms again was tugging at my every thought; your flavor is more satisfying than my future at this moment. That is when I saw the man in the light. He was wandering down the mountain, cloaked and alone. His flowing robe drenched by the now torrential downpour that was on top of us.

What was so important for this man of the cloth, where was he going? There was no type church or seminary anywhere close in this direction. I could understand it if he were headed back to town, while not a religious Mecca, the town did have its share of churches, cathedrals and even a monastery. For the first time in a long while, everything was clear to me, he was a messenger from above. He was there to save my soul from eternal damnation. I would, I must, stop, repent my deeds. Lending a helping hand to this mysterious figure could do nothing but help me sort out the demons I harbor.

As I pulled over, something was very wrong, this man. His face appeared empty inside the dark cloak; I could make out no details at all, as I rolled my passenger window down. His face, where was his face? All at once, the horror of my reality cried out as he disappeared before my eyes. What have I done, why am I seeing things like this? Shaken by the happenings of the last five minutes, I tried to focus and start my trip again. Where was his face? Damn it, I cannot erase the emptiness in his face, in his hands. His hands were so pale. That is when reality hit me with one swift crash. "No Stop Please, don't!" I cried out as the pale almost skeletal hand reached through my window grasping at my hair. In a flash, my life changed forever. All I remember hearing when my torso hit the steering wheel was the words, "Your sins are forgiven my son," as his sharp blade severing my neck, piercing my soul and destroying my life.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Capuchin Catacombs

The signpost speaks volumes with silence
At last, the grand gateway to despair is here
The spiral staircase winding deep into the depths of the catacomb
My heart skips a beat
Thoughts or remorse follow
Yet, here I stand at the threshold of death
I am torn
Could this surreal monument exist?
The bodies, the remains, can they be real
They have to be
Why else would this house of macabre survive?
The vestiges cry out
The tragic stories pierce my soul
Their feelings of pain and agony
Fill the darkness with life
Tears of mourning from generations
Fill the dampness with sadness
With Love
These souls surround me
Over there is a king, 1764 – 1801
A virgin, 1813 – 1835
You, 1845 - 1886
Why are you so familiar to me?
Your presence so real
Almost a vision I have encountered many times before
Leading me down my path
Speaking truths in my nightly ventures into the unknown
What secret do you hold?
Why me
Thoughts run wild inside my mind
I must move on
I can see a light at the end of the corridor
Shaken, I climb the stairway back to reality
This crypt burnt into my psyche
Your nightmare
My future
Could they truly be the same?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Enlighten Me

My path to darkness is lined by the unknown
Posts leading to balance
To understanding
In the distance, I can see them
Waiting to impale me with deceit
To tempt me with visions of passion
Engulf me with pain and despair
Is it necessary?
Will it enlighten me?

My path to darkness is lined by the unknown
My future clouded in fear
I make my way to their chamber
Seeking the secrets that they harbor
Willing to stand in front of the mass
To face the pain, despair and deceit
Our bodies stand apart
Their warmth penetrates my being
Overwhelming my senses
Enlightening me