Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Or Did They?

Not far from the grotto
There lies a tomb
Run down and dilapidated
It hides the secret well
Through the cobwebs and decay
This empty sepulcher cries out
Hoping for the master to return
It did not always lie this way
He was here
Or was he?

The name on the stone
The carvings on the wall
So ornate
Yet, unbecoming
His greatness masked by the mystery
His life marred by tragedy
I was a child of 13 when I discovered it
Much older when I deciphered it
Even older when I understood it
Or was I?

The heir, I was not
Just a bystander to the inept
Jealousy and rage filled the air
How could they ignore this grand monument?
Him, for that matter
Sure, this house lay dormant
Only a faint whisper of the wind
Not even the rat or the spider ventured near
Or did they?

My vigil, waiting for him was long
Days of staring turned to weeks
Weeks to months, months to years
This candle burned
The flame of my innocence turned to passion
Truths understood
The tears of my prayers turned to blood
Dreams fade
Someone was near at last
Or was he?

Out of the darkness it appeared
A shadow cast from splendor
Not a man at all
My quiescent endowment at the ready
Why had you come?
It was not you prophesized on the walls
I was sure no angel would dare tread or exist here
Especially one of your beauties
Or was I?

Reaching for the string of your corset
It was easy to fall
Entering your enticing void
Eternity was near
Out hearts in unison
Was this truly my destiny?
The hoofs of the stallions pierced the silence
Our ecstasy drowned
The first stake ran deep
Flames followed
These infidels destroyed my world
Or did they?

The tomb is no longer empty
It is mine at last
My followers saved me
Or did they?