Sunday, June 19, 2011

Collecting Haunted Items

In many ways, the paranormal boom of recent years has been a blessing. Not only has it brought a fringe science into the forefront of the adult collective, it has opened the eyes of many skeptics that once overlooked the spirit world that surrounded them. Research in the paranormal has also opened up a new hobby - paranormal collecting. Ironically, to many people, this pastime is nothing new. Collecting items of interest is something many people do to show off their personality. Personally, I have an affinity for hats, especially older hats that I find at estate sales and such. These sales now receive a boost in business from collectors looking to find the next addition to their collection.

Finding these collectibles is the fun part; for many of us, it is like a treasure hunt or a race, hoping to beat someone to that believed one-of-a-kind artifact that can set you apart. However, if you are a paranormal enthusiast, collecting paranormal items can be more challenging than collecting old hats; yet, it too can be a fun and rewarding experience. The biggest endeavor you must undertake if you are interested in this new arena is to understand the gravity of what you are doing.

People must look within themselves and determine whether they can properly care for an item, or if they would be a doorway for a malevolent spirit to manifest itself into. There are good points and bad points to starting a collection; every aspect must be dissected before any item is handled or purchased. Spirits can often become attached to objects through various rituals associated with witchcraft, or be attached to an object that is familiar to the spirit and may have been important to the spirit when the spirit was in human form. With that said, haunted artifacts can have negative energy attached to them, and they must be treated with the utmost care and respect.

In talking with my friend, Demonologist John Zaffis, who takes care of the Museum of the Paranormal in his home state of Connecticut, it is clear that the primary goal is not to be a collector, but to help those innocent victims that have dealt with the strange world that exists outside of the normal train of thought. After 20 years in the field, John has seen everything imaginable in the hundreds of cases he has been involved with as a paranormal researcher. During those years, he has collected hundreds of artifacts from cases of violent hauntings. Inside his museum there are hundreds of supposed haunted items, many of which had to be removed from homes following many unexplained and often negative phenomenon occurring. Fortunately, he is experienced in dealing with the energies that can exist, unlike many of the new collectors that are building their own personal museums today.

In researching this new phenomenon, I was amazed at how many different avenues can exist for budding collectors. A quick eBay search for the word “haunted” brought out over 5,000 auctions for supposedly haunted items. There was everything from jewelry to dolls to everyday household items. Incredibly, an internet search for “paranormal collecting” garners an amazing 2.5 million pages of information. With that in mind, I needed to take a deeper look at this and see what the fascination is.

I rapidly discovered three areas that people focused on. Those are collecting ghosts, haunted items, or paranormal souvenirs from their different ventures. Many of these collectors are paranormal enthusiasts that have taken refuge in this as way to be closer to something they enjoy doing. I also realized when I ventured into my research that many people might be paranormal collectors without even realizing it, and I will use myself as a perfect example of this. As many may know, I have been researching the legend of the Jersey Devil for some time and recently was able to venture into the Pinelands in search of this mythological creature. While conducting my first venture into the Leeds Point area, I discovered that there were hundreds, if not thousands, of discarded bottles littering this area. At first, I was amazed because of the diverse ages in the bottles that we found. Not thinking about the paranormal aspects that could be involved, I picked up a couple of them. At the time, I thought I was doing a public service by cleaning up the salt marsh, and I actually still feel that way. However, my approach to those bottles has changed after I viewed the pictures from my latest investigation into that area. In those pictures, there were numerous strange shadows, orbs and what appeared to be small vortexes appearing in multiple pictures. Of these, one shadow figure is a bit troubling because of the smell that we encountered in the area right before discovering a tree formation that looked like something out of the Blair Witch Project. Those pictures got me thinking, did those bottles have some kind of connection to them? Are they from the generations of interested bystanders that came to Leeds Point to find Mother Leeds’s son? So far, nothing strange has happened to me in the house, but then again, they are still in the backpack because I have not had a chance to do anything with them.

The idea of these bottles potentially having an energy attachment also brought out another interesting twist. It demonstrated how close the many of the fields of unexplained research are intertwined. My search for the Jersey Devil is more of a cryptozoological hunt and not a paranormal research outing. Yet, it demonstrates how unseen paranormal entities surround us at all times. Therefore, all of these precautions should be followed, regardless of the type of investigation a person is working on.

As I mentioned earlier, antique stores, estate sales and thrift stores often become battlegrounds for collectors of all types of items. It is quite possible that items purchased in these stores could have a spirit attachment that can be energized by the buyer. These often come as impulse buys where the purchaser is drawn to an item for some unknown reason. Maybe that was the case when I had to buy that antique wooden wheelchair at the Dusty Attic last year. Did I need it? No! Nevertheless, I had to have it (although, it did work really well as I used it to scare trick or treater’s on Halloween, so it served a purpose).

This happens because the spirit attached to an item may feel a kinship to the buyer, needing that relationship to stay alive. Items can sit for decades before coming to life if the right relationship is not present. People say that not all of these relationships are bad, and that items can actually lead to luck. Energies manifest in many ways, often providing feedback, guidance, wisdom, companionship, powers and even assistance to owners. However, people should be very careful when strange occurrences begin after bringing something into their house.

One of the most readily item available to people and one of the most collected haunted items are dolls. Sure, the appeal is easy to understand, as dolls take people back to their childhood. To me, I still remember the scene with the clown in Poltergeist and cannot fathom purchasing a haunted doll on purpose, but to many, they view these echoes from their childhood as families and children. Many of the dolls available come from owners who are frightened by the doll. Many people panic when paranormal phenomena is experienced near an item and just want to rid themselves of the burden. Ironically, many collectors search for active items, hoping that it was just a spirit trying to communicate with them. Their view is that the doll is a child, acting up or throwing a tantrum to gain attention.

Haunted jewelry may be even more popular than haunted dolls, as many people claim that one can experience everything from love to financial gain just by purchasing and wearing an item. These items supposedly contain energies, djinns, genies or demons and are powerful tools that can help in any facet the imagination can conceive. More importantly for collectors, both males and females can find these items just for them with warlock rings and or goddess pendants all available for the right price.

These are just some of the more popular items available on the internet, and realistically many of them are not haunted by any means. People collect the items during their hunts and those are the ones that can be the most troublesome and require the most care. There are over 5 million pages on the internet referencing some paranormal research organization. People form many of these organizations have limited or no experience in the field, or are just diving into a curiosity spawned by something they saw on television. These are also the ones who are in danger when they collect an item from a haunted area without understanding what can happen in some instances. For many investigators, the idea of gathering or collecting an item from a location is the furthest thing from their mind. They are focused on the scientific aspect of what they are doing and the only collecting that is taken place comes in the form of pictures and EVPs collected as evidence. However, this is not always the case. Items such as furniture, paintings, dolls, soil and even books are discovered at the center of a haunting or strange occurrence and gathered form the foundation of their new collection. Examples of this can be seen in movies such as The Exorcist, where the idol found during the excavation opened the door for the demon to walk in. Television shows have also shown the dark possibilities that exist with energy attachment with popular shows like The Twilight Zone or Friday the 13th the Series, raising the possibility of items possessing the ability to alter reality. Amazingly, many of the people who swear off items such as OUIJA Boards are the same ones who open their hands for a chance to own that strange painting of a castle.

Collecting items such as photographs and EVPs are a perfect way to be a paranormal collector. After all, the best collection a person can have is one that they made themselves. To do this, become a member of a paranormal research team and, after some training, go out and investigate. The evidence that you collect can make for some interesting conversation pieces and create a great atmosphere as decorations. There is nothing better to impress your friends than explaining your evening and then breaking out the evidence to back up your claims. Not only is this a fun way to collect the stuff you enjoy, it is also much safer than purchasing a haunted item that may introduce you to something more dangerous than you were looking for.

Many of the famed locations offer souvenirs that can let you remember the investigation and location. In these cases, go out and investigate, then pick-up a piece of history about the location. Places such as Gettysburg have extensive collections of items available that may hold a larger appreciation than a vial of dirt or a rock from a battlefield. Most importantly, they would be a great addition to any collection.

Paranormal memorabilia is also another great way of collecting paranormal related items. Many of today’s television shows or movies have items available such as pictures, hats, and other interesting finds that can become nice centerpieces to a collection. In addition, with the rise of investigation teams, many items can be found that are made available to help fund research. Purchasing this merchandise is a great way to build a collection while helping other people who are interested in discovering the truth that exists in the shadows.

These options provide great alternatives for creating a remarkable paranormal-related collection. In addition, with our economy in turmoil, they may also offer cheaper options as well. However, as history has shown, not everyone is willing to look at an alternative and many would rather push the limits with the spirit world. In these cases, these collectors need to realize the dangers involved. Like the old adage says, “be careful what you wish for, it may actually come true!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Big Cat in Connecticut

I was watching the news last night here in New Jersey and to my surprise a story came on about a Mountain Lion sighting in Connecticut in the New York City suburbs. Ironically, roughly six years ago when I was working with my friends at the Smoking Gun Research Agency and doubling as Editorial Director for Haunted Times Magazine, I was called into that same area to research some big cat sightings. In talking with the state park agency, me and my teammates were basically told that we were insane, that it was impossible for any type of Mountain Lion to be alive in this area. I guess, that maybe they should have paid attention to our group and the citizens that originally reported the sightings. The following is the article that was originally published in the Premier Issue of Haunted Times Magazine in August 2005.

Big Cat in Connecticut,
Connecticut based paranormal research group search for answers.
By Mark A. Mihalko

Right now researchers from around the world are searching the far ends of the earth for new, previously undiscovered animals. Most people have heard of the expeditions searching for Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, or the Yeti. But, while these researchers are off searching for these famous cryptids, others are having success rediscovering animals that were once thought to be extinct. Recently, wildlife scientists rediscovered North America's largest woodpecker in central Arkansas in April 2005. The discovery of the Ivory-Billed Woodpeckerwas the culmination of an intensive year-long effort focusing in on an area of the Cache River and White River national wildlife refuges. It involved more than 50 experts and field biologists working together as part of the Big Woods Partnership. In the end it was a year well spent, with the group capturing a male ivory-billed woodpecker on video, providing proof to the skeptics that doubted the cryptids existence.

Rediscovery of thought to be extinct animals plays a huge part in the world of Cryptozoology. Sure, in some ways it is less exhilarating then searching for Bigfoot, but in the end it can be more satisfying. Everyone has heard of the mountain lion, or Felis Concolor, it is a large, tawny, long-tailed cat also known as a cougar, puma, or panther. These animals are believed to have been forced to extinction in the Eastern United States and Eastern Canada since the early 1900's. However, increased environmental protection and improved habitat has led to a rise in mountain lion populations in the Western United States, which has caused speculation that the species has migrated to the East.

These large cats can grow to 5 to 7 feet in length, 2 to 3 feet in height, and weight between 70 and 150 pounds. They are solitary, extremely elusive and difficult to track; mountain lions are predators of deer, birds and smaller animals and would not be a friendly visitor on an afternoon hike. Sightings and stories of these large predators have been reported throughout Massachusetts and along the Appalachian Trail which winds through this region.

We started our ongoing investigation after receiving multiple sighting reports documenting the potential existence in the Burlington region of the Blue Trail.

"The first was a dead on sighting and the critter was about 5 feet long, tan, and very smooth looking with a long tail about 25% the length of its body. It was carrying a bloody lump of dead animal in its mouth. Not sure what it was chewing on but it was not looking very healthy. This was definitely not a Bobcat which I have encountered many times in those woods."

The second sighting was a little less distinct, "characterized by a shrill growl and a glimpse of a long body with a long tail running across a ridge and into the tree line."

Even though the vague descriptions provided in these reports have the characteristics of a Mountain Lion, the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) remains skeptical. In fact, the DEP runs multiple programs looking for new animals in the forests. Every year they investigate possible sightings by taking photos, analyzing prints and scat, or animal feces and in each case, they have come up empty. After concluding an initial fact finding mission on the habitat and tendencies of a Mountain Lion, members of the Smoking Gun Research Agency (SGRA) hit the field for a detailed field investigation. Over the next 12 hours the team would make some interesting discoveries.

The group centered their investigation on an area of the Tunxis Blue Trail between Burlington and Bristol Connecticut. The terrain in the area seems ripe for Mountain Lion habitat, having large rocky outcrops surrounded by lush wetlands. During their hike the group noticed quite a few tracks that were the general size and shape of a Mountain Lion (3 inches by 4 inches). Unfortunately, none of the tracks were cast-able. Casting tracks in that area will be extremely difficult due to the amount of leaves on the ground.

In one area roughly 3/4 mile behind the Lampson Corner Cemetery (which in itself is a noted haunted cemetery in Connecticut), the group discovered an interesting set of tracks intermixed with deer and dog tracks. These tracks had the same characteristics as the above mentioned track with a stride measurement of 39 inches. This stride is also on par with a mountain lion.

Right outside of a marsh area in the same area of one of the sightings, the group stumbled across the remnants of a large bird. These remains were on a pathway that ran between the marsh and a hill full of rocky outcrops.

While the group found no definitive proof during their first field investigation, they did uncover enough evidence to warrant a return. The 12 hours the team has invested is a far cry from the year spent to uncover the Ivory-Billed Woodpecker. But, with any luck their search will be just as successful.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Triskaidekaphobia - An Ode to the Truths of Friday the 13th

Such a dark day in the world
Leaders defiled
The protectors destroyed in your name
Not by the masses that follow
But, from the hypocrisy of medieval royalty
For what - your secrets?
Jealousy? Fear?
Maybe it was just their shame from following the false prophet
The sinner who hid behind his disciples
And worse, women and children
Spouting lies of redemption
Preaching abstinence instead of indulgence
Creating turmoil in the perfect world

Through it all, you stood tall
These destroyers of forged faith were blind
Failing to harness the power of your minions
By creating a day of homage of their transgressions
They granted you eternal life
History crying tears of truths in your name
You will never be forgotten
You Baphomet, will live forever
Like the Templar’s, your followers will bleed for you
Carrying on the traditions past down by the strong
Your enigma, a mystery to most
A companion to some
A day of fear to the meek
That day is today, Friday the 13th

Monday, May 9, 2011


Today I stand
Peering into dominion
Searching for the pathway to your heart
For years, I have waited
Longing for your touch
Hoping to explore the illicit boundaries
When we last met
The embers of jealousy turned to flame
Partnerships to hatred
Our identity lost
Our existence no more

Life is so different now
I have changed
My path no longer harbors light
Only darkness
My heart remains empty though
Longing for another sign
A void only you could fill
My fantasy, an impossible dream?
After all, I am only a memory now
Your unforgiven

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Searching the Abyss - Cryptozoology Week at The Ring Master's Realm

After watching Sasquatch: The Legend of Bigfoot today, I decided that I would start a Cryptozoology themed week for my other Blog; The Ring Master's Realm.  With that in mind, I decided to post some recent comments about my first book Searching the Abyss.  Sure, this is one of the last major non-fiction projects I have completed, my love of the unexplained and paranormal continue to motivate me in my writings. 

Have you ever heard of that unexplained animal sighting up the road? Or been interested in organizing a trip searching for your native legends? If so, this is the book for you. This handbook outlines the world of cryptozoology, everything from its humble beginnings to details on collecting evidence in the field. Complete with tips on researching, classifying and investigating cryptids, this book is easy to use and is everything you need to get your search started. Written for the beginner, Searching the Abyss offers both practical advice and personal experience in its quest to make you a better hunter.

Searching the Abyss is one of the best Cryptozoology books of 2006... - Cryptomundo. com

If anyone is interested in going into this field of study, I would recommend this book as not just educational reading, but as an on-hand field guide during such investigations. It is easy reading, simple, and to the point without all of the fancy words that requires a master's degree to understand. - Shawn McKenzie

Mark's book explains how to begin an investigation, how to conduct a field investigation and then form a hypothesis from your findings, all in a professional manner. Famous cryptozoological success stories, such as the coelacanth and the giant panda, are also discussed. It is a great book for getting you started in this field.
- Stephen Wagner (About. com)

Is this a book for people heading out in search of Bigfoot? Yes. This book is also for anyone headed out to do any field research. It is a must read and is destined to be one of the key 'How To' books in cryptozoological research.  - Gene Lafferty (bsphi. com)

You can pick up an autographed copy from me for $15.00 (plus S/H).

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Slices of pleasure take a toll
Alone you lay
Tears of pleasure
Cries of pain
Hear the last gasp of sin?
Scarlet streams line the walls
Silent spectors enjoy the performance
My altar is clear
My soul whole
My sins.... 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Writer's Block

The fragile one rises
Speaking volumes with the silence
Projecting visions into the emptiness
Destroying hope
One world out of touch
Lost in the spiraling masses of descent
Two bodies make one
Four eyes make six
Reality cries out
The fragile one screams
Another day ends

Sunday, April 17, 2011


This is from Walking Before Dawn (available for kindle or email me for a signed copy) and was also published by Whispering Spirits Magazine.

A lone tombstone
Alone in the heart of this sanctuary
Are you the one?
The maiden we search for
The Green Lady
The legends vary
Drowned in a swamp
Taken by a scorned lover
Satan's seductress
I am here
Come to me

Many have seen you walking
Hitchhiking on the lone dirt road
Traveling the downward spiral into the depths of stone
I take a picture
A beautiful light shines clear
Is that you?
Unveil your vortex
Open my blindness
Let me share your story

Symbols burnt into the earth surround you
Did they succeed?
Summoning you from your slumber
Conjuring your restless spirit
Flirting with an unknown evil
If so, can I enter?
I belong with you
Come to me
Suddenly I see a figure
Is it you dear?
Worse, it is legion

These cloaked figures rise from the ashes
Surrounding me
They want my heart
My soul
My life
They will not succeed
I turn to the lone marker
Your vortex is now visible
I run
Dive into your sanctuary
Everything is clear
My life is full
But, my heart is empty
Time to leave
To Disappear

I no longer fear death
Reality is certain
Can you feel my pain?
The dark ones still surround us
Why do you protect me?
If I survive, will I harbor your secrets?
We will meet again
Soon, the enemies retreat
Escape is possible
I see truth
The tragedy
Thank you
I will share it with the collective

A rainy night
Alone on the porch
Where is he?
Your true love
You venture out, holding hope in your heart
It was that old witch
She had him
There through the wilderness you see her cave
Her lair
You peer inside
You witness that fateful embrace
Bodies entwined
A single tear falls as your heart breaks
Time stands still
Deaths door opens inside the lake
Satan laughs

The green depths have stained you through the years
Your clothes
Your Skin
But, not your heart
This is your curse
Alone, you walk the road
Searching for answers
An angel to break this spell
Could there be one in the old house
In the witches cave
Let me hold you
Maybe I am the one

I am leaving now
Returning to my world
My domain
My reality
I will miss you
I have to share your story, show these pictures
Proof of your existence
My life lies on a different path
Many lives to touch
Children to mold
I will never forget you
Your lone tombstone
Your vortex
Your touch

Friday, April 15, 2011


This is going to be part of my zombie epic (if I ever get around to finishing it). Unfortunately, I am unsure which character is speaking to me with this one. I am sure I will figure it out in time...

It haunts me in times of solitude
A vague whisper of a dream I can almost remember
The lingering warmth of a forgotten touch
I sense it there, in the darkness
In the quiet moments of times I can barely recall
Resting on the limits of my reason
It calls to me, urging me to cry out
Only to have my voice echo into nothingness
It is a history that was written in stone ages ago
And every figure of it has faded away
To leave me here to live in the shadow of a wraith
A vision of what was and a lost wish of what may be
I know it, and I know it is there
It waits for me to discover it once more
To unearth the secrets it holds and find myself
Because without it I am but an undefined impression of possibilities
It becomes me as I have always been a part of it
A promise that has existed since the dawn of thought
A gift inherent in the very fabric of the soul
But it hangs shrouded by the hopes of man
Concealed in ghostly images of all that it should have been
Here in the silence I hear it through the veil of time
And its words reverberate in the core of me
I quiver, though in fear or anticipation I cannot be sure
All my knowledge of it is an amorphous conglomeration of confusion
To reach out, to grasp it, to understand
But it is the phantom that lurks over my shoulder
That dream I can almost touch
It visits the edge of my memories and lines them with silver
It comes to me while I am alone with the past
And its vanishing countenance stays with me

House of Horror Magazine

I just received an awesome email from Charlotte Gledson, a great writer and one of the editors of House of Horror Magazine notifying me that one of my submissions has been picked up for Issue #2, the Spring Break/Road Trip edition. I cannot wait to see it!

Information on this quarterly print publication can be found at their webpage.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Edward Ballister Project - Now Available

The Edward Ballister Project is now available at  Pick up a copy of this great novel today!

I wish that, as I was growing up, I had written down the memorable sweet evenings that passed in the night like a breeze through a downtown courtyard. But I did not. I wrote down nothing, only remembering the past through shoddy memories and the far-fetched recollections of others. As unimportant as that may seem to most, it is very important to me; I traded the sweet for the strange the day that I was introduced to Edward Ballister. -Excerpt of Chapter One by Jeff Ezell

Product Details

Paperback: 168 pages
Publisher: Static Movement (March 29, 2011)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1617061018
ISBN-13: 978-1617061011
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.4 inches

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Edward Ballister Project

Roughly two years ago, I was honored to become part of a tremendous creative endeavor, The Edward Ballister Project. The idea was simple, bring different writers, with different styles and ideas together to create one nightmare. Finally, today, I got word of it finally going to print with Static Movement. What a day!

Do you really want to know who I am? I think deep down, you already know...


This project is to bring together a group of dedicated authors who are prepared to write a chapter each in order to create a phenomenal piece of dark fiction, resulting in a completed novel. Each author can take the story in any direction they wish, creating twists and turns to develop it into one of the the most exciting page turners in horror writing. Each author will have a different interpretation on the story, making this a unique experience for both writer and reader. Once the novel is complete it will be considered for publication. Each author will be recogized for his/her work, and get an equel share in any profits made. Jeff Ezell created this insightful idea and started the ball rolling with chapter one. Jessica Lynne Gardner developed it into chapter two and Charlotte Emma Gledson continued chapter three, so the rest is up to you!

The entire writing line-up!

Chapter One Jeff Ezell
Chapter Two Jessica Lynne Gardner
Chapter Three Charlotte Emma Gledson
Chapter Four S.D. Chamberlin
Chapter Five Brandon Layng
Chapter Six Dave Rex
Chapter Seven Garry Charles
Chapter Eight VictoriaSelene Skye~Deme
Chapter Nine Matthew Pierce
Chapter Ten W. Todd Banks
Chapter Eleven L.L. Nelson
Chapter Twelve Jennifer L. Miller
Chapter Thirteen Andrea Colleen
Chapter Fourteen Andrew Wolter
Chapter Fifteen Benjamin Bussey
Chapter Sixteen Mark Mihalko
Chapter Seventeen Mark E. Deloy
Chapter Eighteen Stephen W. Roberts
Chapter Nineteen Kristy Tallman
Chapter Twenty Chris Bartholomew
Chapter Twenty-One Michael A. Beaudry
Chapter Twenty-Two P.S. Gifford
Chapter Twenty-Three Kasey Curtis
Chapter Twenty-Four Cassandra Lee
Chapter Twenty-Five Jeff Ezell

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Lay Alone

Every night I struggle with reality
My fragile heart saddened by the void in our lives
My hopes
A faded memory lost at sea
My fears
A wall of tears around my heart
With you, I can live again

I lay alone
Waiting on your beauty to pierce the darkness
To fracture the boundary that keeps us apart
Beloved seraph
Sweep into my dreams
Comfort me with your soft whispers of love
Echoes of lust
Our destiny
Remind me of the meaning of perfection
The happiness felt in the morning interludes we share
The way you complete me

Every night I struggle with the loneliness
My mind wandering the pathways that will be
My hopes
A silken vision of our bodies as one
My fears
A torment of the world we now share
With you, I will live again

I lay alone
Waiting on your caress
Longing to feel your flesh upon mine
Precious angel
Fall into my arms
Tempt me with the splendor of your breast
The softness of your lips
The future
Lead me to tranquility where our souls combine
Our emptiness replaced by the shallow breath of desire
The way we act as one

Every night I struggle
My mind wanting to, at last, share the happiness
My hopes
Alive in your arms
My fears
A distant memory from a past I cannot remember
With you, I am alive again

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Bridge

Mysterious lines cross the sky
Did you see them?
He was there upon the bridge
Staring into the chasm before the despair
Alive again
Shaking the mortal landscape
Their foundations cracked

Apparent only to the blind
Did you see him?
His return prophesized in scripture
At least forty years have past since the last encounter
The signs were all around
A moth flew across the clouds weakening the rafters
Blinding the populace with dissent

At last, his message revealed
Did you hear him?
Mass destruction followed
The past rises from the ashes
With the meek again standing guard
More disasters abound
Two more if the legends are true

Those eyes burn with laughter
Did you see them?
The grand wings unfurled
His presence feared
The moth again takes flight
The locations planned
Devastation near

Remember the point
His rise to immortality
Will this time end the same way?
Will the innocents' death be in vain?
They bled for him
Their souls sacrificed for the good
Look at the bridge again
Do you see him?

Thursday, January 6, 2011


• Published in the Ashen Eye:

What is happening out there?
These people…These depraved creatures
Plaguing us like the locusts in Babylon
My mind cannot, will not comprehend what I have witnessed tonight
This ordeal glistening like a surreal testament from Argento
This nightmare cannot be real
I shake, trembling from the fear
I must stay strong
The others are counting on my vigilance
For generations it has been passed to me to have faith
Faith in what I ask
Truths and lies, heaven and hell
Depends on your perspective, doesn't it?
I remember my grandmother enumerate scripture and verse
Words I saw promulgated by the corrupt and pretentious
In my mind, I can hear her now

It was allowed to fight against God's people and defeat them
And it was given authority over every tribe, nation, language and race (Rev 13:7)

Are we in the midst of the 42 months of deceit?
Or has god finally forsaken us at last?
In my mind, the answer is clear
He did fuck all with these sins of torment
I must survive to find the truths trapped in this desperate visage
What has caused the dead to rise against us?
To crave our flesh?
I will never give in to their torture
I will face my destiny with my shotgun in my hand
They will not have me
At last, the brightness of the new day severs the crack
Time to wake the others
Time to regroup
Our night in hell is over
For now, we are safe
We survive.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Chasm of Flame

Now that our beauty is relatively safe, I guess we should venture into the cathedral again. I think it is time for Saint Peter to stand before us and preach his gospel. Wow, Saint Peter, I wonder where that name came from for this? Maybe it is because of my love for the writings of the great prophets like Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce or Saint Malachi. Yeah, it must be Saint Malachi. In his teachings, Peter the Roman is supposed to rise to power and become the final pope, causing great turmoil across the land. Ironically, similar to the uprising spawned by this clergy member.

   The almighty spoke and the earth trembled, Thou shall drive the infidels into the Chasm of Flame. Their sins cleansed at the hand of the father. The Great Beast opened his mouth at the base of the mount, And laughed at their despair (Jehovah 7.28)

My children… My flock…
Behold the mighty beast
His teeth glistening in sunlight, waiting for our offering
The purification of the heretics is at hand
We must show them the light
The way of our father

There are three nonbelievers at the mouth
Look at their disregard for the Great Beast
Praise god for allowing us the ability to watch their refinement
To watch them repent at the hand of the father
Their salvation lies before them
Praise be, our congregation will grow

Soon, we shall discover more sinners awaiting baptism along our path
Their will broken by the deception of faith
We must rise up and show them the way to eternal glory
To the forgiveness of their original sin
To share the flesh and blood of our father
The host of redemption

Let us pray

Lord of Light
We saw three sinners cross our path in search of liberation
Their actions unkind, yet, they wait for deliverance from the grand plague
Give us the strength to lead them into the garden
The vigor to dine on the fruit
Absolving their damnation for eternity
They know not of your great and holy name
Nor the legend of your might
Pardon them from their abstinence and misdeeds
Give them the purity of your forgiveness
The salvation they seek
In your name we pray

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Passages of unknown meaning

The unknown regions of love
The helpless feelings of life
My desolate heart cries out
Passages of unknown meaning
I am helpless
I come
I run
I hide
Slowly time crawls
Alone in the abyss I wonder
Trapped in solitude
You fill my head with love
I reach for you
The pain of reality takes hold
Look Around
Feel the unsettling persona?
Fear surrounds me
Can you hear the clock?
I can
Tick-tock, tick-tock
The pulse of the unknown
What is out there?
Or is it in my head
The pain covers everything
You are gone
I am alone again
Who am I?
A bitter taste touches my lips
A hand takes my sight
I can’t move
Screams fill the air
Can you hear me?
The darkness is here
I am lost