Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Have We Done?

Even after listening to that tape for the umpteenth time, I cannot fathom what he was experiencing. It all seems so unreal, impossible, there is no way anyone could survive in that state, let alone be cognizant to what was happening. These creatures, there is no way that they could feel anything; they were undead, I think.

Maybe I should say thought. In researching the events, I stumbled across some documentation involving the scientists that may be responsible for this outbreak. It seems as though they were conducting some apparently over-funded yet secretive experiments similar to the ones conducted at Montauk so many years ago. Ironically, the results, while similar, had a much deadlier outcome. Unfortunately, the agency that funded these organized torture sessions is not readily available, a fact that drives my research. The truth must be told. From one of the office files of the floating laboratory, I found this transcript. Now, I may never share how this document reached my hands, but the account will show how unprepared the group was to quarantine any type of outbreak.

The impossible has happened
One of the specimens managed to endure the process
Surviving to see the light of day
Mutating beyond our capacity to conceive
Our agenda never allowed for their freedom after vaccination
The world is far from ready to comprehend the truth
Discover our manic exploitation of the meek
The gates of ridicule would open
We would all be ruined

How could we leave sector two unguarded?
Idiots… They are all idiots
The best security money can buy, honestly?
That is what those feeble old men said in their brief
We should have taken more precautions
We are smarter than that
Now, the disease is free
Our only hope is the quarantine
Or eradication of the contamination, whatever comes first

Sir, you won’t believe what we are seeing out here
Oh God… It’s… It’s like … The gates of Hell have opened before my eyes
The virus is spreading throughout the city
Quarantine is out of the question
These vile creatures
They are… They are everywhere
The outbreak is uncontrollable
There are… Stop… Fuck… No…

This cannot be happening
What have we done?
What have we created?
Our plans are evaporating right in front of our eyes
We must escape this vessel before the others awaken
Before we become their experiment in pleasure
Their host
Our facility is not safe
Sound the evacuation alarm
We are ruined

Funny, it seems as though the scientists were more concerned with their reputation or financial wealth than the outcome of terror that was at hand.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Walking Before Dawn on Ebook

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

These hours blur

I guess all of this work with the Lost Zombies projects has paid off... In all, I have finished one more chapter of my zombie epic. Here is another taste!

My every step a mystery
Only your scent draws me near
Yet, you are nowhere

These hours blur
Cascading like the sands in a bottle of tears
Only with every passing second my cravings mature
It has been far too long since I tasted your womb
Since your lips graced mine

Now, our future is clouded by this plague
So many things have changed
So many lives have been impaled by the darkness
By this growing hunger that drains our being
That fuels every desire

My skin
My thoughts
My veins
All of who I was has gone
All that remains is but walking flesh

Lonely I stand
Searching the horizon for one last embrace
For one last chance to dine on your divinity

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Creatures of the night surround us
Romero laughs
His diabolic vision of despair
Of humor and laughter
A misleading masterpiece for those willing to understand the genius
Strangers unite
Fighting a plague of humanity before they fall prey
Victims, not innocent, but unforgiven of their sins
Their cannibalistic nature striking fear in us all
Not because of the sheer terror
Or their horrific deeds
But, for the primal nature lurking at our core
The taste of flesh is as sweet as the fruit on the tree
The lure the only difference
Or is it?
Instead of a snake in the garden
We are persuaded by pleasure
Carnal temptations leading us to flesh
At the heart, the snake and the pleasures are equal
These forbidden desires considered taboo
So misunderstood that the thought alone often spawns remorse
A lingering guilt that creates hatred
And yes, these monsters for us to cheer
The screens are full of surrealistic views of reality
Where the zombies indulge in the carnal feasts we covet
Where flesh and blood replace the love and hate we hold on a pedestal
In many ways, we are all alike
Zombies searching for companionship instead of brains
Embracing the taste of our lovers sacred skin during passion
For us, our time is here, the day of reckoning is now
The apocalypse has begun