Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Tomb Waits

When my day is over
No tear will grace my eyes
No blade will grace my hands
The desolate haze will form again
Visions of beauty giving way to darkness
To the dim corridors echoing in my mind
Another pill at hand
My random heartbeat sustained
Understanding at last, meanings long forgotten
The moments that shaped forever
The small circle is my savior
Opening doorways to the unknown
Spiral outtakes from beyond
Gray monsters exit the gates
Sanguine rain flowing down the thighs
I struggle to separate realities
Afraid to face the creatures
Petrified to taste the blood
Will the grand sea open to swallow my desolate despair?
Angels fill the voids with laughter
A demonic presence only meant to confuse
An ideal intended for the weak
Their pain permits eternal pleasure
Like the thunder upon the mount
Or the cross to the left
Their anguish pacifying the illicit cravings of the flesh
Their needle etching my veins
Their whips enticing the lost
The throne of light lay ahead
Unborn temptations entering the soul
My tomb waits
My coffin stands
My day begins

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Could Feel a Presence

The windows should remain covered at all times

A voice echoed in my mind
What secret did this house hold?
I know something is there
I could feel the presence
As I peered into its soul
The giggling, the laughter
Almost chastising my every thought

Do not worry about the statues

The same voice called out
Was it not odd that these religious statues would just appear?
Someone or something had to move them
Could it be the same force I feel from afar?
I guess it is possible
The invisible entity at play
Chanting scripture at my feet

Do not let anyone else inside

The stern voice grew louder
Even after 10 years, I dread opening the door
I am sure I am unwanted
A guest uninvited
Just once I wish they would appear though
These spirits
My only friends

Be careful what you wish for

The last sound I remember
For once, I discovered the grand entranceway alive
The sun, setting through the stained glass
Then she appeared
Pale, yet beautiful
Like a starlet from my youth
The brightness of her lips
The gleam in her eyes
Was she the one?
The vision in my dreams
The monster of my fears
No, worse

Sunday, September 19, 2010

His Legend Secure

His Legend Secure
(as seen in  Realm of Horrotica)

Suddenly the message is clear
Embers to ashes
Day to night
The tapestry falls silently into the ravine
Spirits of the lost engulf this realm
Their homecoming is near
Ignite the torch
Open the void
Raise the dead
Another victim will appear

This night if foreign
The angels have vanished
The recluse lives
The madams' parlor is full
Her crystal reflecting every tear
Her coffers bursting from remorse
Silence befalls the guilty
His hand grasps the knife
Torturous exploits so refined
Yet, horrific

The blade slices her abdomen
Mutilates the face
Blood stained tears appear on the pillow
Her soul in limbo
Trophies line the library walls
Trinkets of pleasure found in a ravenous rage
The head of a lion
The heart of a whore
The flavor untouched
The thrill unmatched

The next victim on the corner
Her perfume masks the disease
The viral rot infesting her womb
A daggers edge silenced the wench
Milk oozing from her bosom
Time for the sacrifice
927 yards to the East lay another sow
Her labia in hand
Her virginity destroyed
Panic rises from the calm

Suddenly his message is clear
Charcoal to embers
Night to day
The dissertation is just
His rise to prominence foretold
More streetwalkers return for their wage
A new day on tap
His knife sharpened
His bag in place
His legend secure

Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Have We Done?

Even after listening to that tape for the umpteenth time, I cannot fathom what he was experiencing. It all seems so unreal, impossible, there is no way anyone could survive in that state, let alone be cognizant to what was happening. These creatures, there is no way that they could feel anything; they were undead, I think.

Maybe I should say thought. In researching the events, I stumbled across some documentation involving the scientists that may be responsible for this outbreak. It seems as though they were conducting some apparently over-funded yet secretive experiments similar to the ones conducted at Montauk so many years ago. Ironically, the results, while similar, had a much deadlier outcome. Unfortunately, the agency that funded these organized torture sessions is not readily available, a fact that drives my research. The truth must be told. From one of the office files of the floating laboratory, I found this transcript. Now, I may never share how this document reached my hands, but the account will show how unprepared the group was to quarantine any type of outbreak.

The impossible has happened
One of the specimens managed to endure the process
Surviving to see the light of day
Mutating beyond our capacity to conceive
Our agenda never allowed for their freedom after vaccination
The world is far from ready to comprehend the truth
Discover our manic exploitation of the meek
The gates of ridicule would open
We would all be ruined

How could we leave sector two unguarded?
Idiots… They are all idiots
The best security money can buy, honestly?
That is what those feeble old men said in their brief
We should have taken more precautions
We are smarter than that
Now, the disease is free
Our only hope is the quarantine
Or eradication of the contamination, whatever comes first

Sir, you won’t believe what we are seeing out here
Oh God… It’s… It’s like … The gates of Hell have opened before my eyes
The virus is spreading throughout the city
Quarantine is out of the question
These vile creatures
They are… They are everywhere
The outbreak is uncontrollable
There are… Stop… Fuck… No…

This cannot be happening
What have we done?
What have we created?
Our plans are evaporating right in front of our eyes
We must escape this vessel before the others awaken
Before we become their experiment in pleasure
Their host
Our facility is not safe
Sound the evacuation alarm
We are ruined

Funny, it seems as though the scientists were more concerned with their reputation or financial wealth than the outcome of terror that was at hand.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Walking Before Dawn on Ebook

Pick-up a copy of Walking Before Dawn on ebook. It is available from Amazon for kindle or you can pick-up a copy from me for $2.95 in pdf format or signed copies available for $15.00 (shipping included). Just email me for all of the details and grab yours today!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

These hours blur

I guess all of this work with the Lost Zombies projects has paid off... In all, I have finished one more chapter of my zombie epic. Here is another taste!

My every step a mystery
Only your scent draws me near
Yet, you are nowhere

These hours blur
Cascading like the sands in a bottle of tears
Only with every passing second my cravings mature
It has been far too long since I tasted your womb
Since your lips graced mine

Now, our future is clouded by this plague
So many things have changed
So many lives have been impaled by the darkness
By this growing hunger that drains our being
That fuels every desire

My skin
My thoughts
My veins
All of who I was has gone
All that remains is but walking flesh

Lonely I stand
Searching the horizon for one last embrace
For one last chance to dine on your divinity

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Creatures of the night surround us
Romero laughs
His diabolic vision of despair
Of humor and laughter
A misleading masterpiece for those willing to understand the genius
Strangers unite
Fighting a plague of humanity before they fall prey
Victims, not innocent, but unforgiven of their sins
Their cannibalistic nature striking fear in us all
Not because of the sheer terror
Or their horrific deeds
But, for the primal nature lurking at our core
The taste of flesh is as sweet as the fruit on the tree
The lure the only difference
Or is it?
Instead of a snake in the garden
We are persuaded by pleasure
Carnal temptations leading us to flesh
At the heart, the snake and the pleasures are equal
These forbidden desires considered taboo
So misunderstood that the thought alone often spawns remorse
A lingering guilt that creates hatred
And yes, these monsters for us to cheer
The screens are full of surrealistic views of reality
Where the zombies indulge in the carnal feasts we covet
Where flesh and blood replace the love and hate we hold on a pedestal
In many ways, we are all alike
Zombies searching for companionship instead of brains
Embracing the taste of our lovers sacred skin during passion
For us, our time is here, the day of reckoning is now
The apocalypse has begun

Monday, May 31, 2010

A Sunday in May

Looking around, I can feel you near
Your silent touch stroking my heart
The soul that I long to share
For so long that splendor has been
Tempting fate with hints pleasure
With visions of beauty
With what can be
How sweet you will taste

In your arms, I feel complete
Your moist lips touching mine
Your soft hands so secure
The rhythm of your heart flowing through my veins
Echoing in my dreams
Controlling my every move
I have longed to feel you again
To dive inside heaven and become one
One life
One heartbeat
Our bodies exploring every inch
Every crevice
Our sweat drowning every fear
Your shallow breath so pure
So innocent
Your curves guiding me through your maze
Your ecstasy my pleasure
Your love, our happiness

Thursday, May 27, 2010

After the Static (A new piece from my Zombie Epic)

Tempting transgressions flow through my veins
Opening doorways into my depths
Allowing me to feel again
Every possibility I cross, a lifetime yet to explore
A truth left to discover
Words of pleasure spiral from my mind
My invisible desires in bloom
My thoughts alive with cravings of things unsaid
Of experiences undefined
The fabric of my dreams littered with the unknown
With anguish
With laughter
With you
A heart so pure
A love so complete
So tangible that I cry thinking of your first breath
The piercing pain of my loneliness runs deep
At times almost unbearable
Yet, everyday, my heart yearns for this journey to end
For our new life to begin
When the hell we are enduring will disappear
That is, if we can survive

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Our dreams are fleeting
Leading us through a maze of unknown and delight
Sometimes our only escape
What would we do without these mirrors?
Let our hearts and souls rot?

Without dreams, we have no hope
No goals to achieve
Trapped in the inferno
We would be an empty void
Blind to the subconscious world that creates us

For many they are active
Memories of the avenues
The parades
The loves
A humanity much greater than ours

I would hate living in a world without dreams
A fate worse than death
My mirror is focused
My dreams alive
What about yours?

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Mouth

I actually broke down and started working on my poetic Zombie Epic again, hopefully, in time I will get motivated and finish it.

The almighty spoke and the earth trembled
Thou shall drive the infidels into the Chasm of Flame
Their sins cleansed at the hand of the father
The Great Beast opened his mouth at the base of the mount
And laughed at their despair
(Jehovah 7.28)

My children… My flock…
Behold the mighty beast
His teeth glistening in sunlight, waiting for our offering
The purification of the heretics is at hand
We must show them the light
The way of our father

There are three nonbelievers at the mouth
Look at their disregard for the Great Beast
Praise god for allowing us the ability to watch their refinement
To watch them repent at the hand of the father
Their salvation lies before them
Praise be, our congregation will grow

Soon, we shall discover more sinners awaiting baptism along our path
Their will broken by the deception of faith
We must rise up and show them the way to eternal glory
To the forgiveness of their original sin
To share the flesh and blood of our father
The host of redemption

Let us pray

Lord of Light
We saw three sinners cross our path in search of liberation
Their actions unkind, yet, they wait for deliverance from the grand plague
Give us the strength to lead them into the garden
The vigor to dine on the fruit
Absolving their damnation for eternity
They know not of your great and holy name
Nor the legend of your might
Pardon them from their abstinence and misdeeds
Give them the purity of your forgiveness
The salvation they seek
In your name we pray

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Terror at Miskatonic Falls (Book Trailer)

This is the awesome book trailer for the upcoming horror anthology I will be part of entitled, The Terror at Miskatonic Falls from Shroud Publishing. (Picture is a rough sketch of the cover, being worked on by Steven Gilberts)

Friday, April 16, 2010

World of Myth

I just found out that one of my works, Light of Day has been published in the newly launched online magazine The World of Myth and a second poem His Legend Secure is published in a sister publication, the Realm of Horrotica. Swing by and check out that and all of the other great works inside.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jersey Devil Bottles on Etsy

The first five editions of the Jersey Devil Bottle Collection Project that I have been working on are finally listed at my Etsy page. The idea of this project is a bit unique, providing a way to recycle and clean the Pine Barrons at Leeds Point and promote the history of the land. I am sure most everyone has heard of the Jersey Devil, the winged creature that has been tormenting the Garden State and the Pine Barrons for almost Three centuries. This line of OOAK bottles was created to pay homage to this mysterious creature. Each bottle that is used as the base material of the sculpture has been discovered and rescued from Leeds Point, where in 1735 Mother Leeds gave birth to a 13th child, the famed Jersey Devil that escaped into the fabric of of Americana.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lovely Death So Pure

The raven sits on the corner
Devouring flesh
Removing sins long forgotten
Embracing the world within its eyes
A spiral tunnel filled wth red
Streams of life cascade down the cliff
The hopes of man die
Fading inside a mind void of passion
Craving only a heart blackened by night
Blood stains the sidewalk
Scarlet tears left by those lost
Left by the victims of deceit
Lovely death so pure
A dark heart set free
The savior moves on
Another sacrifice complete

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Something a bit different from me, written as part of a gift for my mother who was visiting this weekend.

Somewhere beyond the vast horizon
Across the violent seas or outside the Heavens above
I take comfort in knowing you will be there
For years, your presence was taken for granted
Yet, behind the scenes you were there
Waiting quietly with heartfelt love
Simple feelings held deep within the meaning of a single word
Within a life meant to shape everything known
Everything that could be
Within a Mother
As the world outside changes and unseen enemies rise
As families, grow older and distant phone calls become commonplace
You persist steadfast and resolute
Continuing to Shape the future generations as you have shaped your children
And now continue to help shape your grandchildren
Therefore in my heart and in the hearts of all you have touched
By that cherished name you will endure
You will forever be my and our Mother

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Beloved Darkness

Beloved darkness
Open your arms and embrace my remains
This haunting maze erased reality
Destroyed my flesh
Stole my soul
I stumble as I wander through the night
Searching for that sparkle of an eye
That sanguine scent
The delights felt in the gentle caress of our bodies near
Or the satisfaction held in the pulsating veins
Entice me with the pleasures of flesh
With the sacred host of life
Forever illuminating the flame of hope
Beloved darkness
Open the satin depths I call home
The eternal warmth of love is leading me into temptation
The scarlet river that harbors forever awaits

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The man called to me
Thou shall not waver through my garden
Open the doorway before oblivion takes control
My heart froze
Depths of despair draw near
Absolution wasted on the decadent
My time is done

The woman called to me
Thou shall not waver through my forest
Enter the fountain before misery takes control
My soul mourns
Drowning in the tears of sorrow
Condolences shed for the meek
My life is lost

The child cried to me
Thou shall not waver from my side
Guide me through the darkness
My eyes widen
The brightness scorching my being
Deceit fuels the inferno
My meaning clear

My voice resounds through the canyon to the man
I will not waver through your land
My path is free
My heart is sound
Forgive my trespass into divinity
Echoes silenced by solitude
My time awaits

My voice reverberates through the horizon to the woman
I will not waver through your dominion
My vision focused
My soul alive
Forgive my transgressions into paradise
Your fruit was too enticing
My life will be

My voice whispered through the darkness to the child
I will not waver on our journey
My purpose apparent
My eyes awash
Forgive my doubts
Your life is key
The meaning is true

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Lone Tombstone

I entered the desolate cemetery searching for answers to the legends that have captivated generations. Your lone tombstone stands before me, Elisabeth, what is the secret you harbor alone in the heart of this sanctuary. Are you the one? The maiden we search for, the illustrious Green Lady. The legends vary, drowned in a swamp, taken by a scorned lover, Satan's seductress? I am here, alone, come to me.

For years, I have read of your presence, dreaming of the day when we could be near. So many unknowing bystanders have seen you walking, hitchhiking on the lone dirt road that borders this empty graveyard. You were there, traveling the downward spiral into the depths of stone, they were afraid of your importance, your beauty. Suddenly, a beautiful light shines clear. Is that you, have you come to me? Unveil your vortex and open my blindness. Let me share your story with the masses.

Strange, on the ground symbols are burnt into the earth surrounding you. Did they succeed in summoning you from your slumber? Conjuring your restless spirit? Those are the ones who do not deserve you, flirting with an unknown and invisible evil. Although, I must ask, if so, can I enter? I belong with you.

In the distance I barely make out the dark shadow, is that you dear? No, worse, it is legion. Out of nowhere cloaked figures rise from the ashes, surrounding me. They want my heart, my soul, my life! They will not succeed in their quest, I am strong. I turn to the lone marker and I see a most stunning sight. Your vortex is now visible, a vision of pure splendor. Your pale green aura so calling me. I run, diving into your sanctuary. For once, everything is clear. My life is full. Yet, my heart remains empty.

My reality is certain, I must succeed. I no longer fear death from the minions that possess this dismal resting place. Maybe it was fate; destiny or the brief time we spent together that cleared my mind. Can you feel my pain too? The dark ones still surround us dear. Why do you protect me? If I do survive, will I harbor your secrets, will we meet again? Soon, I see our enemies retreating into the depths of the adjoining swamp. My escape is possible. I see the truth, the tragedy. Thank you.

It was a rainy night in late 1768. You were there, alone on the porch. Where was he, your true love? Worried and tired, you ventured out, holding hope in your heart he was well. It was that old witch, she had him. Slowly you made your way through the wilderness to the entrance to her dreary cave. At last, her lair was upon you. You peered inside. That is when you saw the horror, that fateful embrace. Their bodies entwined in the passion reserved for you. A single tear fell as your heart shattered. Time stood still, but your future was clear. Satan laughed as he opened Deaths' door inside the lake especially for you.

The murky green depths have stained you through the years. Your clothes, your skin, but, not your heart. This is your curse for all eternity. Alone, you walk the road, searching for answers. Hoping to find that angel to break this spell. Could there be one in the old house, in the witches cave, anywhere? Let me hold you again. Maybe I am the one you search for. Silence is an answer.

I am leaving now returning to my world, my reality. I will miss you. I have to share your story, prove to the skeptics you do exist. Unfortunately, my life lies on a different path from yours. I have many lives to touch and children to mold. I do know that I will never forget you. Your lone tombstone, your vortex or your touch. Goodbye.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I’d almost forgotten, though I’d tried to remember
And I remembered that which I wish I’d forgotten
The dark one walks upon the shore
Truths whispered silently instead of the simple lie
Casual words that mean less than naught
The back of your hand would have pleased me
Yet, the dagger brought unmatched pleasure
The chains, the hooks, the blood
You cradled me and let my lips caress your palm
You failed to remind me of darkness held within my soul
With it left unsaid, I had allowed myself to believe in the light
I let myself fall sway to the forbidden pleasures of flesh
The neck, the thigh, the back
Red fingertips leading me astray
A maze of strife lining the inferno
Still, beauty lay upon the tip of your tongue
Spoiling my every thought with a wisdom held deep within your bounds
For a moment, I thought you cared
I thought, I could feel it with every beat of your heart
With every reflection of pain
Silence echoes in my heart
A deafening tribute to your genius
To the salvation, you harbor deep inside the tome
Contained by the tomb where you left me wanting more
Where you left me to die

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Emerging From The Gray

With my last blog being an update on my recent submissions, I have already received word on some of the submissions from the month. To date, The World of Myth and Worlds Within - Worlds Beyond have picked up material for publication.

When you couple those acceptances with the ones from Revenant Magazine and Whispering Spirits, 2010 is off to an awesome first quarter. Now, if I can finish my epic, I would be set...

The images remain so vivid
Nightmares of hope consumed by remorse
Amber eyes turning pale
The black emerging from the gray
A life shredded by the fabric that was
Listening for the sounds of forgiveness
In time, the remorse will turn to pain
Emotions overtaken in solitude
In loneliness
Clarity arrives untouched
A purity long forgotten by the masses
Consumed by the greed entombed by the seven
A knife slides across your throat
The sadness empties from your veins
You can live again
Your baptism is complete
Acceptance at last

Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Submissions

While I have a great memory on most things, one thing that I suck at is remembering what and where I submit some of my writing and other dark musings. Now, I plan to make a change and actually track stuff. So, for February I made submissions to:

The Horror Press
The World of Myth
The Smoking Poet
Twisted Dreams
Worlds Within - Worlds Beyond

Hopefully, some of the submissions will payoff and I will get some more of my work out there.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feed Your Hunger

Today the white mist overtook reality
Drowning life with chilling darkness
The red river ran deep
Opening in the center of it all
A heart now aches
A body cannot feel
Yet, the pleasures found in the tainted flesh blossom
As the tears of loneliness build
Waiting to cascade like a waterfall from barren eyes
The heart beckons for warmth
For protection from the unnerving storm that rages, still
For that sweet caress, that soothes every thought
On the inside, it remains whole
The dagger only stole the emptiness held within the bounds
One soul tasting the breaths of many
Longing for freedom from the limits that bind
That prey on the thoughts and feelings of men
Of women whose depths linger long after decay
Where the softness of bodies entwined is a reality
Where the passion felt in every kiss may last forever
Where forever can be held outside a coffer
Eyes wandering through the emptiness of the silk
The loneliness felt inside the scarlet shroud
Hoping to catch just a glimpse of brightness again
It has been far too long since this pain took hold
Since the blade removed the heart
Cry out and profess the feelings of despair
Grasp at the feelings of loss
Feel the surroundings
Feed your hunger
Join us

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The fragile one rises
Speaking volumes with the silence
Projecting visions into the emptiness
Destroying hope
A lone world out of touch
Lost in the spiraling masses of descent
Two bodies make one
Darkness draws near
Reality cries out
The fragile one screams
Another day ends

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Looking around, I can feel you near
Your silent touch stroking my heart
Your glowing eyes piercing my mind
What are you?

For so long your splendor has been a mystery
Tempting fate with hints pleasure
With visions of torture
Will I be the next?

How sweet you must taste
The beautiful red cascading down your lips
Satisfaction climbing every peak
When can I feel?

I await your entrance
My eternal staircase fluttering
The echoes in my dreams cannot compare
Who are you?

The darkness falls
Innocence drowning in the scarlet pool
Fading breaths so pure
You are freedom

Saturday, February 20, 2010

My First Short Film Script - (The Missing Scene From The Blob)

After eating some of the great Blob cake that Brenda made me for my birthday, I started to think back to Blobfest and the interesting day we spent in Pheonixville, home of the Blob. Last year as part of the the 10th Anniversary Blobfest, they had a short film script-writing contest to offset their short film contest. As a writer it was a challenge to in 500 words or less, create the missing scene from The Blob.

If you are familiar with the movie, this would be about what happened in the bar on Second Street that is talked about in the movie but never shown. In scene 240, Sgt. Burt recounts how he stopped at the Second Street bar while making his rounds, finding no one there. Also, when two of the teens stop in another bar to help rally the town against the monster, the bartender tells them about some excitement at the Second Street bar earlier that night.

While my entry did not win, I held my head high as it was the first screenplay of any type that I finished.
Here is the Script:


MARTY: (TO HARLEY) it’s about time for a hunting trip. I was talking about it earlier at work, some of the guys are heading out this weekend. Buddy up here on the wall could use a friend.

HARLEY: (STOCKING GLASSES BEHIND BAR) Yeah, it has been a while. I remember the trip when we bagged that one.

MARTY: That was a cold one… The wife still reminds me of how sick I got when we came back. I’d readily do it again though; it’s about time to get away.

HARLEY: Same here, though, Ida would just prefer me saying around town, playing bridge or attending the gardening club meetings. Ever since Bobby left for college, it has been the same thing.

MARTY: I miss those trips with Bobby and Joe. What is Bobby up to these days?

HARLEY: Bobby is good, studying medicine, wants to be a doc. He says, everyone gets sick and there is a fortune to be made in medicine. I hope he is right; this education is costing me a fortune. So, give me a big tip tonight (LAUGHS).

MARTY: (STILL LOOKING AT DEER) Sure thing buddy. I wonder if we can get ol’ Joe to join us. I haven’t seen him since he moved up into the hills after his wife was killed on the highway.

HARLEY: Yeah, he took that hard. It has been almost two years now. No one has really seen him. Say… I have Monday off, let’s go up Old North Road, find him and make plans.

MARTY: Sounds great, just like old times.


HARLEY: (PLACING WHISKEY BOTTLE ON BAR) I can pick you up around 4… What the… (DROPS BOTTLE – SHATTERS) Marty!

MARTY: (TURING TOWARD BAR) What is going on over there? HARLEY… You there? Harley stop fooling around, you think you are one of those kids? Kids these days, HARLEY!









Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spiral Outtakes From Beyond

When my day is over
No tear will grace my eyes
No blade will grace my hands
The desolate haze will form again
Visions of beauty giving way to darkness
To the dim corridors echoing in my mind
Another pill at hand
My random heartbeat sustained
Understanding at last, meanings long forgotten
The moments that shaped forever
The small circle is my savior
Opening doorways to the unknown
Spiral outtakes from beyond
Gray monsters exit the gates
Sanguine rain flowing down the thighs
I struggle to separate realities
Afraid to face the creatures
Petrified to taste the blood
Will the grand sea open to swallow my desolate despair?
Angels fill the voids with laughter
A demonic presence only meant to confuse
An ideal intended for the weak
Their pain permits eternal pleasure
Like the thunder upon the mount
Or the cross to the left
Their anguish pacifying the illicit cravings of the flesh
Their needle etching my veins
Their whips enticing the lost
The throne of light lay ahead
Unborn temptations entering the soul
My tomb waits
My coffin stands
My day begins

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First Batch of Jersey Devil Bottles Complete and Available.

With all of the snow that has been blanketing us here in New Jersey, I was able to complete the first three Jersey Devil bottles. While, these differ from the prototype that made a frame to display my poem, The Devil Endures, they all have something different and unique in their make-up.  To me, these bottles, collected during a NJ Devil hunt in November 2009, are now a great token to remind people of what lurks in the Pine Barrons.

The first bottle completed is decorated by liquid latex and has a horse-like or Baphomet-like head. The quote, "An unwanted son, Waiting quietly to pierce the darkness, Surviving to fracture the boundaries of reality, The cloven hooves, The chilling howl, Echoes of time not forgotten," from the poem The Devil Endures lines the front.

The second bottle created has a rockabilly-like feel  and has a rendition of the classic Jersey Devil picture on  the fron with the famed quote from Mrs. Leeds, "If I have a 13th child, may it be the devil," one the back.

The final bottle completed today is a bit different with the addition of wings to a more human-like facial structure. On the front, the quote, "Every night he struggles with the loneliness, His mind wandering the pathways that will be, Hoping to find the love of a mother lost, Or a life never shared, His torment, in this world we now share, Within the reeds he calls home, Myth or legend, Devil or angel, Forever he will survive, A lone link to days of yore, A dark shadow in the fabric of the whispering pines, Following his golden spiral of life," from the poem The Devil Endures on the front.

These one-of-a-kind statues will soon be available for $10.00 (plus shipping) at the Scarlet Circus page on Etsy or by emailing me.

Elisabeth to be published in Whispering Spirits

Just found out that my poem Elisabeth, loosely based on the haunting at the Green Lady Cemetery has been picked up for publication in the April Issue of Whispering Spirits.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

We Are All

The great archfiend spoke
Today we begin a new path
A new world
Not for the ordinary
Not for the plain
But, for the chosen ones
Outcasts to some
Feared by all
I am your guide on this sacred journey
Anno Satanas has begun

Lord of light
Lead us through the trying times
Open your gates
We are ready to receive you
Before the idols we stand
Preparing for communion
Holding the dreams
That makes us your disciples

Together we unite
To thrust the meek into the great chasm
Leaders of the new generation of intolerance
Respected in our communities
Yet, imposing to the masses
We speak of realities
Unlike the blind populace
We follow truths
Not the archaic ramblings of the fabricated messiah
We are all

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Light of Day (From the Zombie Epic)

Safe at last
At least for the moment
I am not sure for how long
Or what we are up against
Yet, the sanctity of this place sooths me
Drowning the ghastly visions from my mind
The house is dark
Hopefully, it remains secure
Only four of us survive
Natalie failed to make it
Her body defiled by the fowl demons that hunt us
I remember the anguish in her eyes as she fell
An anguish that turned to terror as they penetrated her voids
The blood only seemed to invigorate them
That and the oozing grey
Are we the only ones?
We can’t be
Somewhere, someone else must be alive
What could have caused the horrific torture?
Created these maggot infested fiends
The hands on the clock grow weary
We can only last a little longer
Our ammunition disappears with every passing second
Luckily, we found their fatal flaw
Ironic that their cravings mirror their demise
Hurry board the windows
I can hear them in the distance
Their moans pierce the stillness of our surroundings
Coming forth to exact their revenge
To feast on our souls
To prey on our minds
The shots continue to ring through
Only eight bullets remain
There must be another way to stop them
Scurry to the basement
They cannot reach us there
Can they?
We must not panic, the silence is our friend
Our only hope if we wish to survive this nightmare
To again see the light of day

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Faithful

The faithful stand tall waiting for your arrival
Even though their past sacrifices have only delivered misery
Their pilgrimage for naught
Subtle mysteries of collapse line the great hall
Their chosen despised
Immortality out of reach
Another season has passed
Another attempt at hand
Will this be the one?
The minions march to the cathedral has begun
Their rhythmic chants echoing through the sky
Filling the corridors with despair
The sacrificial lamb is here
Her beauty unmatched
Her destiny unknown
Candles burn upon the altar illuminating every curve
Reflecting every bead
Rivers of sweat stream down her back
Shallow sounds of pleasure crack the haze
The black prince one with the light
Shadowy outlines tease the senses
Tenderness felt in their movements
Cries of her pain drown the flames
Her fervor apparent
The implements are in place
Golden chalices catch the blood
Screams pierce the soul
The dagger runs deep severing the cord
Anticipation builds among the mass
Salvation from her flesh
Her agony defining prophecy
Alas a savior?
Solemn tears grace the Madonna
The wounds of stigmata appear on the devious
Torment laughs
Failure reigns

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Alone in my room
My dreams, my wilderness
An ongoing battle with the unknown
Stalking my every move
Do you want to see?

Arise, from this hallowed ground
Take on the world
Devils and Demons
Men and Women
Boys and Girls
Searching for the truth

Feel my hunger
That illicit craving for flesh
For blood
For life
The hunger grows

You try to pull out
You are stuck
Caught up in a fight for your life
With yourself, with your demons
I can only watch

As the night grows darker
You see a dim light
Your paradise at hand
Lives flash
Bodies connect

Together at last
The pain, the ecstasy
A forbidden communion
My darkest desire
My minds close

Friday, February 5, 2010

Should Have

I remember standing above you
Playing witness to your pain
How could you endure?
The misery frozen in your eyes
Beautiful daggers of despair that haunt me still
The tranquility of the night echoes within me
A surreal nightmare that will never end
My heart cries out when I am alone
Yet, I must silence the anguish
Our secret must remain safe
Or your sacrifice will be for naught
At times, the remorse challenges my resolve
Slicing through my soul
Filling my void with darkness
An unexplainable emptiness that wears on my fa├žade
Shredding the fabric of what was
Destroying what could have been
Or sadly, should have been

The images remain so vivid
A spiraling visage of my hopelessness
The knife sliding across your throat
The river of sadness that flowed from your veins
The lone tear drying on your pale skin
Although I am older now, my tears will never dry
Just as my life will never be the same
Our love was my foundation
Shaping all that I was
Who I am
What I have become
Deep inside the turmoil rages
Surrounded by my penitence and sorrow
I am lost without you, without your touch
I often wonder if you will forgive me when we meet again
Why was it my hand on the knife?
Why was I afraid of the pain?
Questions that remain a just punishment for my failure
A life sentence of desolation
My hurt for knowing I should have joined you

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Forever in the Ashes

Through the dying moonlight he appears
Secret no more
Death shudders
The gates will open at six
A pilgrimage awaits acceptance
Their paths unknown, their crimes unforgiven
Except for her
The pale, naked beauty in front
Entrancing the mass
Angering the gods
Her crimes meaningless to the righteous
Their self deceit blinding them of the genius
Soon, redemption will show the way
The embers are lighted
Her stake stands erect
From the darkness, an angel appeared
Tormenting the siren with flames of Dante
Repent and be saved
The gathering tightens the noose
Impales her upon the altar
Gazing across the horizon, she cries out
The flames caressing her subtle breast
Her soul alive again
At last, the baptism is complete
The contract etched in stone
Marking forever with her ashes
The congregation falls silent
The lord of darkness shares his embrace
Welcoming one and all into his kingdom
Their sacrifice was just
His cravings fulfilled

Monday, February 1, 2010


The unknown regions of love
The helpless feelings of life
My desolate heart cries out
Passages of unknown meaning
I am helpless
I come
I run
I hide
Slowly time crawls
Alone in the abyss I wonder
Trapped in solitude
You fill my head with love
I reach for you
The pain of reality takes hold

Look Around
Feel the unsettling persona?
Fear surrounds me
Can you hear the clock?
I can
Tick-tock, tick-tock
The pulse of the unknown
What is out there?
Or is it in my head
The pain covers everything
You’re gone
I am alone again
Who am I?
A bitter taste touches my lips
A hand takes my sight
I can’t move
Screams fill the air
Can you hear me?
The darkness is here
I am lost

Sunday, January 31, 2010

An older one - All Hope Lost (Part of the Zombie Terror)

Another body falls
This strange infection continues to grow
Surrounding our every move
Look, in the corner
Such a ghastly sight
Those red eyes filled with sorrow
That festering decay of the green death
His body ravaged
How can he exist?
Who would want to live that way?
Stealthily, I maintain my distance
I will not fall prey to this vile demon
The rot will not overtake me

Turning the corner I see even more victims
Carousing throughout the corridor
The infestation searching for hosts like zombies for brains
Only a few of us remain strong on this funeral barge
Defying the poisonous torture
How much longer can we survive on this floating prison?
Our friends destroyed
Our search for the cure must continue
Another man falls
No one is safe
Our lives ruined
All hope lost!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

And Then The Walls Came...

A little creative influx while listening to the new Reverend Hoton Heat CD, Laughin' & Cryin'. Now, if I just had some PBR...

And then the walls came

Vanquishing the perfection of the deeds
Suffocating the genius
No more whores falling prey to the sweet blade
At least not now
The prophesy foretold the demise
Carved sigils in the curves of the desired
The subjects of the masterpiece
Still, the weight of the stone torments the soul
Night after night, closing in on the emptiness
Six by six
Four by four
Two by two
Sunrise again
Alas, a last breath?
One last signature on the canvas
Good morning darling, have a good night?
What… No?
Sharpness slices the tension
Another body falls
Another wall crumbles
Eyes, breasts, tongues
The unborn
Limbs of lust lay scattered throughout the depths
Beneath the raging lair
Above Neptune’s inferno
Yet, something remains
Alive, so to gather fruit for the lion to dine
Silently creeping into the maestros arms
Tempting young and old alike with the allure of beauty
Embracing all who dare enter thy womb
Alone, a stigma
The wounds of the defiler on display like stigmata
Raising the hair of those that mirror righteousness
Tears of blood flow from the lost
Decades of decay line these walls
Deceiving the sunshine of splendor
Five by five
Three by three
One by one
The moon engulfs the sun
Another seeks refuge in the embrace
Craving the moistness of the precious loins
Calling for the tidal wave of emotion to appear
A subtle kiss
The endless horizon
Again Satan laughs
His appetite satisfied
And, yes, the walls came

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Down the Mountain (A short story)

I remember leaving your house at dusk that fall night with the eerie mist and the brisk winds howling through Appalachia etched into my mind. Our sins were weighing on my soul. These forbidden desires we harbor in this illicit union. I could still taste you on my lips, your soft pale flesh, so sweet, so luscious. My mind entranced by the thoughts of your beauty, but my heart torn on the reality of the situation. Our end was near.

I started up the summit with the Beautiful South streaming out of my Ipod; their music, creating the perfect soundtrack for my life, filling my mind with remorse and regret. Our unholy bond in the forefront, the thoughts of truth silenced. Our last ritual together changed everything. As soon as the blood flowed into the chalice, I knew we could rule the world. From the first slit of the wrist, to the depths of your inner thighs, we could indeed be one. Apart we are but pawns, but now, after what seems like all perpetuity, we exist together. I must break my silence and face my destiny. I must forever lay inside the taboo realm that I have created.

At that point, I knew something would have to change if I were to survive another extended period without you, without the dark sour veins lining your heart. Although your presence is a challenge to me, I am only alive in your arms. A secret I hold deep within the bounds of my heart, one so painful that it could destroy me if I ever realized the depths that your unholy presence would go to control me.

At the peak, I could see the majestic inn shining through the darkness. The mist that followed me had finally turned to rain, falling down my windshield like the tears of pain running down your beautiful face when I left. I can still see the scarlet stream glistening through the moonlight, mirroring Virginia’s suffering with Edgar so long ago. The rain also made it impossible to see clearly. In my mind, I wanted to turn back. The pleasure of being in your arms again was tugging at my every thought; your flavor is more satisfying than my future at this moment. That is when I saw the man in the light. He was wandering down the mountain, cloaked and alone. His flowing robe drenched by the now torrential downpour that was on top of us.

What was so important for this man of the cloth, where was he going? There was no type church or seminary anywhere close in this direction. I could understand it if he were headed back to town, while not a religious Mecca, the town did have its share of churches, cathedrals and even a monastery. For the first time in a long while, everything was clear to me, he was a messenger from above. He was there to save my soul from eternal damnation. I would, I must, stop, repent my deeds. Lending a helping hand to this mysterious figure could do nothing but help me sort out the demons I harbor.

As I pulled over, something was very wrong, this man. His face appeared empty inside the dark cloak; I could make out no details at all, as I rolled my passenger window down. His face, where was his face? All at once, the horror of my reality cried out as he disappeared before my eyes. What have I done, why am I seeing things like this? Shaken by the happenings of the last five minutes, I tried to focus and start my trip again. Where was his face? Damn it, I cannot erase the emptiness in his face, in his hands. His hands were so pale. That is when reality hit me with one swift crash. "No Stop Please, don't!" I cried out as the pale almost skeletal hand reached through my window grasping at my hair. In a flash, my life changed forever. All I remember hearing when my torso hit the steering wheel was the words, "Your sins are forgiven my son," as his sharp blade severing my neck, piercing my soul and destroying my life.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Capuchin Catacombs

The signpost speaks volumes with silence
At last, the grand gateway to despair is here
The spiral staircase winding deep into the depths of the catacomb
My heart skips a beat
Thoughts or remorse follow
Yet, here I stand at the threshold of death
I am torn
Could this surreal monument exist?
The bodies, the remains, can they be real
They have to be
Why else would this house of macabre survive?
The vestiges cry out
The tragic stories pierce my soul
Their feelings of pain and agony
Fill the darkness with life
Tears of mourning from generations
Fill the dampness with sadness
With Love
These souls surround me
Over there is a king, 1764 – 1801
A virgin, 1813 – 1835
You, 1845 - 1886
Why are you so familiar to me?
Your presence so real
Almost a vision I have encountered many times before
Leading me down my path
Speaking truths in my nightly ventures into the unknown
What secret do you hold?
Why me
Thoughts run wild inside my mind
I must move on
I can see a light at the end of the corridor
Shaken, I climb the stairway back to reality
This crypt burnt into my psyche
Your nightmare
My future
Could they truly be the same?