Saturday, January 30, 2010

And Then The Walls Came...

A little creative influx while listening to the new Reverend Hoton Heat CD, Laughin' & Cryin'. Now, if I just had some PBR...

And then the walls came

Vanquishing the perfection of the deeds
Suffocating the genius
No more whores falling prey to the sweet blade
At least not now
The prophesy foretold the demise
Carved sigils in the curves of the desired
The subjects of the masterpiece
Still, the weight of the stone torments the soul
Night after night, closing in on the emptiness
Six by six
Four by four
Two by two
Sunrise again
Alas, a last breath?
One last signature on the canvas
Good morning darling, have a good night?
What… No?
Sharpness slices the tension
Another body falls
Another wall crumbles
Eyes, breasts, tongues
The unborn
Limbs of lust lay scattered throughout the depths
Beneath the raging lair
Above Neptune’s inferno
Yet, something remains
Alive, so to gather fruit for the lion to dine
Silently creeping into the maestros arms
Tempting young and old alike with the allure of beauty
Embracing all who dare enter thy womb
Alone, a stigma
The wounds of the defiler on display like stigmata
Raising the hair of those that mirror righteousness
Tears of blood flow from the lost
Decades of decay line these walls
Deceiving the sunshine of splendor
Five by five
Three by three
One by one
The moon engulfs the sun
Another seeks refuge in the embrace
Craving the moistness of the precious loins
Calling for the tidal wave of emotion to appear
A subtle kiss
The endless horizon
Again Satan laughs
His appetite satisfied
And, yes, the walls came

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