Sunday, April 4, 2010


Something a bit different from me, written as part of a gift for my mother who was visiting this weekend.

Somewhere beyond the vast horizon
Across the violent seas or outside the Heavens above
I take comfort in knowing you will be there
For years, your presence was taken for granted
Yet, behind the scenes you were there
Waiting quietly with heartfelt love
Simple feelings held deep within the meaning of a single word
Within a life meant to shape everything known
Everything that could be
Within a Mother
As the world outside changes and unseen enemies rise
As families, grow older and distant phone calls become commonplace
You persist steadfast and resolute
Continuing to Shape the future generations as you have shaped your children
And now continue to help shape your grandchildren
Therefore in my heart and in the hearts of all you have touched
By that cherished name you will endure
You will forever be my and our Mother


  1. As a mom, myself, I find that to be a tribute that shows insight most people don't have on the subject of mothers--the way we're background players and yet very influential. What a lucky mom. What a lucky you!

  2. Thanks... Yes, I feel lucky, Mom is a great person and she has definitely helped shape who I am.