Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Could Feel a Presence

The windows should remain covered at all times

A voice echoed in my mind
What secret did this house hold?
I know something is there
I could feel the presence
As I peered into its soul
The giggling, the laughter
Almost chastising my every thought

Do not worry about the statues

The same voice called out
Was it not odd that these religious statues would just appear?
Someone or something had to move them
Could it be the same force I feel from afar?
I guess it is possible
The invisible entity at play
Chanting scripture at my feet

Do not let anyone else inside

The stern voice grew louder
Even after 10 years, I dread opening the door
I am sure I am unwanted
A guest uninvited
Just once I wish they would appear though
These spirits
My only friends

Be careful what you wish for

The last sound I remember
For once, I discovered the grand entranceway alive
The sun, setting through the stained glass
Then she appeared
Pale, yet beautiful
Like a starlet from my youth
The brightness of her lips
The gleam in her eyes
Was she the one?
The vision in my dreams
The monster of my fears
No, worse

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