Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Tomb Waits

When my day is over
No tear will grace my eyes
No blade will grace my hands
The desolate haze will form again
Visions of beauty giving way to darkness
To the dim corridors echoing in my mind
Another pill at hand
My random heartbeat sustained
Understanding at last, meanings long forgotten
The moments that shaped forever
The small circle is my savior
Opening doorways to the unknown
Spiral outtakes from beyond
Gray monsters exit the gates
Sanguine rain flowing down the thighs
I struggle to separate realities
Afraid to face the creatures
Petrified to taste the blood
Will the grand sea open to swallow my desolate despair?
Angels fill the voids with laughter
A demonic presence only meant to confuse
An ideal intended for the weak
Their pain permits eternal pleasure
Like the thunder upon the mount
Or the cross to the left
Their anguish pacifying the illicit cravings of the flesh
Their needle etching my veins
Their whips enticing the lost
The throne of light lay ahead
Unborn temptations entering the soul
My tomb waits
My coffin stands
My day begins

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