Sunday, April 17, 2011


This is from Walking Before Dawn (available for kindle or email me for a signed copy) and was also published by Whispering Spirits Magazine.

A lone tombstone
Alone in the heart of this sanctuary
Are you the one?
The maiden we search for
The Green Lady
The legends vary
Drowned in a swamp
Taken by a scorned lover
Satan's seductress
I am here
Come to me

Many have seen you walking
Hitchhiking on the lone dirt road
Traveling the downward spiral into the depths of stone
I take a picture
A beautiful light shines clear
Is that you?
Unveil your vortex
Open my blindness
Let me share your story

Symbols burnt into the earth surround you
Did they succeed?
Summoning you from your slumber
Conjuring your restless spirit
Flirting with an unknown evil
If so, can I enter?
I belong with you
Come to me
Suddenly I see a figure
Is it you dear?
Worse, it is legion

These cloaked figures rise from the ashes
Surrounding me
They want my heart
My soul
My life
They will not succeed
I turn to the lone marker
Your vortex is now visible
I run
Dive into your sanctuary
Everything is clear
My life is full
But, my heart is empty
Time to leave
To Disappear

I no longer fear death
Reality is certain
Can you feel my pain?
The dark ones still surround us
Why do you protect me?
If I survive, will I harbor your secrets?
We will meet again
Soon, the enemies retreat
Escape is possible
I see truth
The tragedy
Thank you
I will share it with the collective

A rainy night
Alone on the porch
Where is he?
Your true love
You venture out, holding hope in your heart
It was that old witch
She had him
There through the wilderness you see her cave
Her lair
You peer inside
You witness that fateful embrace
Bodies entwined
A single tear falls as your heart breaks
Time stands still
Deaths door opens inside the lake
Satan laughs

The green depths have stained you through the years
Your clothes
Your Skin
But, not your heart
This is your curse
Alone, you walk the road
Searching for answers
An angel to break this spell
Could there be one in the old house
In the witches cave
Let me hold you
Maybe I am the one

I am leaving now
Returning to my world
My domain
My reality
I will miss you
I have to share your story, show these pictures
Proof of your existence
My life lies on a different path
Many lives to touch
Children to mold
I will never forget you
Your lone tombstone
Your vortex
Your touch

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