Thursday, June 14, 2012


Through the dying moonlight he appears
Secret no more
Death shudders
The gates will open at six
A pilgrimage awaits acceptance
Their paths unknown, their crimes unforgiven
Except for her
The pale, naked beauty in front
Entrancing the mass
Angering the gods
Her crimes meaningless to the righteous
Their self deceit blinding them of the genius
Soon, redemption will show the way
The embers are lighted
Her stake stands erect
From the darkness, an angel appeared
Tormenting the siren with flames from the inferno
Repent and be saved
The gathering tightens the noose
Impales her upon the altar
Gazing across the horizon, she cries out
The flames caressing her subtle breast
Her soul alive again
At last, the baptism is complete
The contract etched in stone
Marking forever with her ashes
The congregation falls silent
The lord of darkness shares his embrace
Welcoming one and all into his kingdom
Their sacrifice was just
His cravings fulfilled

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