Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dark Scabbard of Hatred

As I sit here recording my thoughts
You have no idea, no inkling
That soon I will be your unforgiven
Not because of the truths you hide from
Or a deed so heinous
But, for the perception of betrayal you will imagine
Acuity lost in your reality
Not based in the facts we search

Little will you realize that I am indeed right
My motives just
Instead, you will forgo reason
The embers of your jealousy
Igniting the flames of hatred
So unjust
Yet, somehow expected
An undeserving finale

From the beginning
My heart and soul bled for you
Standing up for the cause out of trust
Desire for the equality you offered
Now, all trust lost
Desire now despair
My mind as dormant as your heart
My vision along another path

To you, the problem is invisible
Blinded by greed, makes it so
Insecure with everything, everyone
Scared, afraid to stand up to the smallest challenge
Or criticism for that matter
Do you live?
Or are you just a pawn?
From my perspective, neither!

To me, you were an equal
Now, nothing
A friend
Now enemy
For what I ask?
Was it worth it?
From my perspective, no
However, I do live in the present

In the delusion you call home
You survive in the eternity
You are the master, the god
The sun holding the gravitation pull of everything, everyone
Your dark scabbard of hatred punctured my soul
Destroying my vision
Silencing my voice
Ending my existence

Again I ask, for what?


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