Thursday, May 27, 2010

After the Static (A new piece from my Zombie Epic)

Tempting transgressions flow through my veins
Opening doorways into my depths
Allowing me to feel again
Every possibility I cross, a lifetime yet to explore
A truth left to discover
Words of pleasure spiral from my mind
My invisible desires in bloom
My thoughts alive with cravings of things unsaid
Of experiences undefined
The fabric of my dreams littered with the unknown
With anguish
With laughter
With you
A heart so pure
A love so complete
So tangible that I cry thinking of your first breath
The piercing pain of my loneliness runs deep
At times almost unbearable
Yet, everyday, my heart yearns for this journey to end
For our new life to begin
When the hell we are enduring will disappear
That is, if we can survive

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