Saturday, June 12, 2010

These hours blur

I guess all of this work with the Lost Zombies projects has paid off... In all, I have finished one more chapter of my zombie epic. Here is another taste!

My every step a mystery
Only your scent draws me near
Yet, you are nowhere

These hours blur
Cascading like the sands in a bottle of tears
Only with every passing second my cravings mature
It has been far too long since I tasted your womb
Since your lips graced mine

Now, our future is clouded by this plague
So many things have changed
So many lives have been impaled by the darkness
By this growing hunger that drains our being
That fuels every desire

My skin
My thoughts
My veins
All of who I was has gone
All that remains is but walking flesh

Lonely I stand
Searching the horizon for one last embrace
For one last chance to dine on your divinity

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