Sunday, June 6, 2010


Creatures of the night surround us
Romero laughs
His diabolic vision of despair
Of humor and laughter
A misleading masterpiece for those willing to understand the genius
Strangers unite
Fighting a plague of humanity before they fall prey
Victims, not innocent, but unforgiven of their sins
Their cannibalistic nature striking fear in us all
Not because of the sheer terror
Or their horrific deeds
But, for the primal nature lurking at our core
The taste of flesh is as sweet as the fruit on the tree
The lure the only difference
Or is it?
Instead of a snake in the garden
We are persuaded by pleasure
Carnal temptations leading us to flesh
At the heart, the snake and the pleasures are equal
These forbidden desires considered taboo
So misunderstood that the thought alone often spawns remorse
A lingering guilt that creates hatred
And yes, these monsters for us to cheer
The screens are full of surrealistic views of reality
Where the zombies indulge in the carnal feasts we covet
Where flesh and blood replace the love and hate we hold on a pedestal
In many ways, we are all alike
Zombies searching for companionship instead of brains
Embracing the taste of our lovers sacred skin during passion
For us, our time is here, the day of reckoning is now
The apocalypse has begun

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