Thursday, January 30, 2014



I stare off into the moonlight
Searching for answers
The keys to your heart
The visions you provide are just
Your dark path so secret
So secure
Alone, I must find my way

With my eyes closed
I can feel you enter
Your beauty unequalled
Across the sea, I hear your call
Soft and gentle
Piercing the night and my soul
I call
Reaching out with my mind
My heart
My soul

I am your slave
My mind, body, is yours
Decisions are made
Feelings of desire overwhelm
Alone I sleep
Staring at the rocking chair that is my heart
The unknown
Such an attraction
My life must lie along a different path
Or does it

You call out again wanting to feed
On my dreams
On my desires
On my soul
My veins are ripe with life
With thoughts of you
Your beauty
Your love
Sunrise is near
Our embrace delayed
My eyes open
Alone again

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