Friday, January 17, 2014

Writer's Block

Lately, I have been suffering through some poetic writers block. This is frustrating, as I have been able to work through some other writing issues and this is the only one left. Here is a piece that came through as I attempt to work through this. Any feedback would be appreciated.

The doors to my dominion were opened
Unraveled by the despair I held dear
My life, reduced to an empty canvas
My heart, reduced to a blackened host
I was lost, broken by a life once held near
Shadow's of remorse haunt my every move
Visions of beauty pierce my soul
The taste of your flesh soon will be but a faded visage
The forbidden fruit prophesized in scripture
The revelation of my reality
Will there be a rapture?
Or will our eternity be plagued by the lies of the forsaken
Worse, I will survive alone

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