Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Complete Me (Poetry)

Complete Me

The wax has hardened
Your image so pure
May plan nearing the goal
Now, I need your essence
Be it hair, blood
A tear
Something to bring your likeness to life
To me
Long have I dreamt of holding you
Fantasies held impossible
Nightmares that challenged my resolve
Everyday I would stare through the grotto
Piercing silently into your world
Wishing it was I on your shoulder
Instead of that glistening feathered friend
I want to share your laughter
Feel your pain
Penetrate your warmth
The ecstasy
 The bliss
Yes, it is time to complete my plan
This string will do
The statue is ready
My ritual at hand
These candles burn to illuminate you
Scorching forbidden pleasures into my soul
Our journey finally in my sphere
Come to me
Complete me


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