Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Emerging From The Gray

With my last blog being an update on my recent submissions, I have already received word on some of the submissions from the month. To date, The World of Myth and Worlds Within - Worlds Beyond have picked up material for publication.

When you couple those acceptances with the ones from Revenant Magazine and Whispering Spirits, 2010 is off to an awesome first quarter. Now, if I can finish my epic, I would be set...

The images remain so vivid
Nightmares of hope consumed by remorse
Amber eyes turning pale
The black emerging from the gray
A life shredded by the fabric that was
Listening for the sounds of forgiveness
In time, the remorse will turn to pain
Emotions overtaken in solitude
In loneliness
Clarity arrives untouched
A purity long forgotten by the masses
Consumed by the greed entombed by the seven
A knife slides across your throat
The sadness empties from your veins
You can live again
Your baptism is complete
Acceptance at last

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