Saturday, March 6, 2010


I’d almost forgotten, though I’d tried to remember
And I remembered that which I wish I’d forgotten
The dark one walks upon the shore
Truths whispered silently instead of the simple lie
Casual words that mean less than naught
The back of your hand would have pleased me
Yet, the dagger brought unmatched pleasure
The chains, the hooks, the blood
You cradled me and let my lips caress your palm
You failed to remind me of darkness held within my soul
With it left unsaid, I had allowed myself to believe in the light
I let myself fall sway to the forbidden pleasures of flesh
The neck, the thigh, the back
Red fingertips leading me astray
A maze of strife lining the inferno
Still, beauty lay upon the tip of your tongue
Spoiling my every thought with a wisdom held deep within your bounds
For a moment, I thought you cared
I thought, I could feel it with every beat of your heart
With every reflection of pain
Silence echoes in my heart
A deafening tribute to your genius
To the salvation, you harbor deep inside the tome
Contained by the tomb where you left me wanting more
Where you left me to die

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  1. You are a dark one...
    I REALLY like this blog...Guess I'll be reading all your stuff.