Saturday, February 6, 2010


Alone in my room
My dreams, my wilderness
An ongoing battle with the unknown
Stalking my every move
Do you want to see?

Arise, from this hallowed ground
Take on the world
Devils and Demons
Men and Women
Boys and Girls
Searching for the truth

Feel my hunger
That illicit craving for flesh
For blood
For life
The hunger grows

You try to pull out
You are stuck
Caught up in a fight for your life
With yourself, with your demons
I can only watch

As the night grows darker
You see a dim light
Your paradise at hand
Lives flash
Bodies connect

Together at last
The pain, the ecstasy
A forbidden communion
My darkest desire
My minds close


  1. So seductively sensual!

  2. Thanks for all of your comments and feedback! This is one of my older ones that I believe is a lot less refined, so, your comments mean a lot!