Monday, February 8, 2010

The Faithful

The faithful stand tall waiting for your arrival
Even though their past sacrifices have only delivered misery
Their pilgrimage for naught
Subtle mysteries of collapse line the great hall
Their chosen despised
Immortality out of reach
Another season has passed
Another attempt at hand
Will this be the one?
The minions march to the cathedral has begun
Their rhythmic chants echoing through the sky
Filling the corridors with despair
The sacrificial lamb is here
Her beauty unmatched
Her destiny unknown
Candles burn upon the altar illuminating every curve
Reflecting every bead
Rivers of sweat stream down her back
Shallow sounds of pleasure crack the haze
The black prince one with the light
Shadowy outlines tease the senses
Tenderness felt in their movements
Cries of her pain drown the flames
Her fervor apparent
The implements are in place
Golden chalices catch the blood
Screams pierce the soul
The dagger runs deep severing the cord
Anticipation builds among the mass
Salvation from her flesh
Her agony defining prophecy
Alas a savior?
Solemn tears grace the Madonna
The wounds of stigmata appear on the devious
Torment laughs
Failure reigns

1 comment:

  1. Magnifently erotic!
    What stunning imagery this piece creates.