Tuesday, February 16, 2010

First Batch of Jersey Devil Bottles Complete and Available.

With all of the snow that has been blanketing us here in New Jersey, I was able to complete the first three Jersey Devil bottles. While, these differ from the prototype that made a frame to display my poem, The Devil Endures, they all have something different and unique in their make-up.  To me, these bottles, collected during a NJ Devil hunt in November 2009, are now a great token to remind people of what lurks in the Pine Barrons.

The first bottle completed is decorated by liquid latex and has a horse-like or Baphomet-like head. The quote, "An unwanted son, Waiting quietly to pierce the darkness, Surviving to fracture the boundaries of reality, The cloven hooves, The chilling howl, Echoes of time not forgotten," from the poem The Devil Endures lines the front.

The second bottle created has a rockabilly-like feel  and has a rendition of the classic Jersey Devil picture on  the fron with the famed quote from Mrs. Leeds, "If I have a 13th child, may it be the devil," one the back.

The final bottle completed today is a bit different with the addition of wings to a more human-like facial structure. On the front, the quote, "Every night he struggles with the loneliness, His mind wandering the pathways that will be, Hoping to find the love of a mother lost, Or a life never shared, His torment, in this world we now share, Within the reeds he calls home, Myth or legend, Devil or angel, Forever he will survive, A lone link to days of yore, A dark shadow in the fabric of the whispering pines, Following his golden spiral of life," from the poem The Devil Endures on the front.

These one-of-a-kind statues will soon be available for $10.00 (plus shipping) at the Scarlet Circus page on Etsy or by emailing me.

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