Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feed Your Hunger

Today the white mist overtook reality
Drowning life with chilling darkness
The red river ran deep
Opening in the center of it all
A heart now aches
A body cannot feel
Yet, the pleasures found in the tainted flesh blossom
As the tears of loneliness build
Waiting to cascade like a waterfall from barren eyes
The heart beckons for warmth
For protection from the unnerving storm that rages, still
For that sweet caress, that soothes every thought
On the inside, it remains whole
The dagger only stole the emptiness held within the bounds
One soul tasting the breaths of many
Longing for freedom from the limits that bind
That prey on the thoughts and feelings of men
Of women whose depths linger long after decay
Where the softness of bodies entwined is a reality
Where the passion felt in every kiss may last forever
Where forever can be held outside a coffer
Eyes wandering through the emptiness of the silk
The loneliness felt inside the scarlet shroud
Hoping to catch just a glimpse of brightness again
It has been far too long since this pain took hold
Since the blade removed the heart
Cry out and profess the feelings of despair
Grasp at the feelings of loss
Feel the surroundings
Feed your hunger
Join us

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